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  1. Hi pal, years ago I had a 66 coupe with a 302, I pulled took to shop had it honed and cleaned up, put it all together with new rotating assy, bought some 351w heads and had them freshend up, nice sized cam, that thing screamed. just my 2 cents worth. Also you could drop about 2k and put a Wiend 177 ci SC on it. Total kit and it makes a big diff. I have one on my 383 stroker in my 68 c-10 swb. Good luck
  2. Thanks for the input man. I found a guy with a complete 351w from 1970 that needs to be rebuilt for $250, so I think i'm gonna get it. From what I hear, the block from that year is strong and those DOOE heads are pretty good for street application. Your truck sounds awesome. I've always wanted an older chevy shortbox to do something like what you've done
  3. thanks and good luck with all. im a ford guy thu and thru but my dad in a weak moment bought the chevy new andweve had since. its in the shop for past nine mos and bout ready to be home. went with ford dark gray paint. cant wait to get it back. good good stuff
  4. Bought a stock '70 351W block with DOOE heads yesterday. Should make for a solid rebuild.
  5. block only, or short block?
  6. good start, now remember to check for cracking, and check the number two main bearing for evidence of spinning. i reiterate these checks to make sure they are done.
  7. Gonna have the engine shop magnaflux it, so if any are there they should be detected.