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What one should I go with?

  1. Charcoal / Black w/ painted top

  2. Charcoal / Black w/ vinyl top

  3. Original Gold Nugget Special

  4. Two tone Gold / Black w/ vinyl top

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  1. Well, it is time for the most difficult decision I have had to make on my build so far. (perhaps my life!)

    I am getting an unexpectedly tax refund, and this means paint just might get pushed up a bit, if I can actually talk my wife into it.

    So, here is where I am at: The car originally had a vinyl top. I can go either way. A bit about the build: It has a full R&P and crossmember, so it should handle and corner pretty well. It also has a 351C 4V with an aggressive cam and a super grumpy rattle.

    Also, it is a gold nugget special. This means it is a special edition, As-is, and even though i have molested it with the Mustang II front end and bigger engine then the original, I don't think anyone would fault that. So there is also that.

    Anyways, I need some input for paint. Before I learned it was a GN special I was planning on a Charcoal/Black scheme. After seeing Gikorts Stang I thought I would shamelessly rip off his scheme:


    This could look good with or without the vinyl top.

    Another option is to go completely stock. Here is MY car before I started the restoration:


    To me it kinda looks grandma-ish, but with the new springs to raise the back end back up and the new Crager SS wheels that should curb that a bit. If I did this scheme, I would probably take the stripes down the back of the car as well.

    Another option would be to still go with the gold and vinyl top, but go with a gold/black two tone. This option is really tempting me. It screams muscle car, and is a bit different. This is a poor Photoshop concept of someone's GN special.


    It would make painting easier, as all the nooks and crannies are already gold. Then again...ugh. Just can't decide.

    Perhaps defining the car might be a good idea. As stated earlier, this is a muscle car, which is loud and in charge. It is NOT a modernized resto-mod, although I have added power brakes and steering. It is not really made to be a "responsible" commuter car, but rather a weekend warrior. Don't know if that helps or not.

    Anyways, thanks fellas!

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  2. I know it's not very original but I think Sonic Blue with white racing stripes looks darn good.
  3. I too am in the color selection debate, I got to say that silver car with the black looks pretty good to me. Silver with some sort of striping is the direction I`m heading, maybe eleanor style....hum...
  4. I think it would be a lot less expensive to paint it the original color. Think about the man hours sanding and painting all those little cracks. Probably those Cragers with aggressive tires would get rid of that "granny" look.

    On the other hand, you will probably only do this once, so make yourself happy. I was going to change the color on mine to darker because it had been my mothers car since new, and it didn't speak power to me. I finally painted it the original color, but with delete of some trim, added accent strip, and wheels, I was happy with the results and it was much easier to do.

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  5. Damn that silver car looks good! haha. The last two I have done, I didn't decide the color until the car was in the booth, cleaned and ready to be painted! When I painted my buddies blue '72 chevy truck, it was in the booth ready and I talked him into letting me do it a copper color instead of the blue that he had chosen. So I say get it in the booth and the inspiration will come.
  6. Gikort- My kudos to you. That is a well done car. I love it.

    Honestly, I know that I would prob be happy with ANY of these options. I just want to pick the BEST one. It's kinda like trying to decide which of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders is the hottest- cause I'd prob have no problem with any of them! Not really fair to compare a cheerleader with a 68 Mustang, but you get the drift. :lol:

    So I had a good long hard talk with my father in law, who is not actually really a car guy. He didn't see the big deal in the choices, but while explaining to him the importance of it, I kinda got a bit of insight into my own thoughts. Sometimes you don't understand it until you try to explain it to someone, and when I put words to it, it made more sense to me.

    Anyways, I guess I have never really stopped to ask what my end goal with this car is. I kinda have gone about it with no real plan, which in a way was a mistake, but somehow I still managed to get to a spot I still like.

    I am very happy with my choice to add the Mustang II components, and I could not be more thrilled with the way my engine is turning out.

    Then I realized this is NOT a modernization resto-mod. Yes, the new crossmember, suspension, and power brakes and steering will add to it, but the power plant is still a good old fashioned carbureted gas guzzler, that will prob fight me on cold mornings. This is made to be a late 60's muscle car, and therefore it should be painted as such. The idea is not for it to be super comfortable or ride like a Cadillac. Not that those things are bad- but they belong to a different kind of car.

    If this was a modernization rig, I would still do the crossmember, but change the power plant to a 4.6 fuel injected model (or perhaps a turbo or tasteful supercharger) with full dyno-mat, an air ride system, power everything, modern looking rims, and tinted windows. If I was going that route charcoal/black would be a no-brainer.

    This car is a grumpy old muscle car. I think the vinyl top should stay, and I think the gold makes a lot more sense right now. I think I will go original, perhaps extending the stripes to the back.

    So...that is just my thoughts right now. Who knows, still several weeks till paint, so my mind may change a hundred times before then.

    Thanks a ton for your ideas- and keep them coming. If something pops up that I like more, then awesome. I can use all the inspiration I can get right now.

  7. My 72 used to be green but really wanted it yellow. I made a little extra cash the weekend before the green was going to get sprayed. Then I called and told the body shop I wanted it yellow. Good luck with your project on whatever you decide in the end.
  8. 2013-Ford-Mustang-GT-gotta-have-it-green-front.jpg
    i think you should do a color like this. The paint code is HD and it is a tri coat. The name is green envy pearl. I just painted a new mustang this color and i think it looks pretty sweet!!!

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