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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SuperCharged92GT, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. I have a 00 Roush
    and i am/built a 01 cobra motor from the pan up(fully built and ported)..
    I ve ran into a little problem .

    I need a 01 cobra computer

    I know I can splice into the old 2v computer,,,but Id rather just buy a 4v computer...

    anyone have any ideas??

    here's a couple pics BTW...
    this motor is all chromed ....not polished

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  2. That motor looks great. Wow....very nice. :nice:

    Sorry, can't help you with your question.
  3. Tried the 4V swap forum?

    RaceRat and Modular Maniac should be able to provide some detailed insight on the swap and harness usage.
  4. That is a niiiice lookin motor...
  5. :nice: Outstanding! Glad you have to keep it polished. :nice:
  6. Sweet motor..

    And upon seeing that, I have a question.

    Anyone know where to buy chromed or polished 4V covers and/or intakes. I saw one at a show recently on a 99 and it was love at first sight.. But, so far don't see anyone offering them polished/chromed in magazines on online.

    So now I'm really wondering, Is this process of polishing/chroming always a custom job to be sent out to someone locally or what??

  7. Yup, do it yourself or have someone local do it for you....only option.
    There's one company that started selling just the spark plug covers that sit on the valve covers....polished for $250. What a joke. :notnice:

    Oh, and getting these off the engine if it's still in the car is, um, interesting.