Chrome Cobra Rim for Sale

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by StangSims39, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    When i bought my Mustang in 2010 there was a supprise in the trunk. A 17X9 Chrome Cobra Rim. I was thinking about getting three matching but decited to stick with my bullits. So here it is, the tire that is on the rim is shot, its been stored for almost two years and i have the running pony center cap, it was in the attic for the photo. These go for 159 on American Muscle, im looking for $80 for the rim, local pick up. I live in Farmingdale and work in Melville, please PM me if your interested, thank you!
  2. is there any curb rash or blemishes on the rim?
  3. there is very little on the outter lip where the tire meets the rim, didnt notice it until i cleaned it up and gave it a quick polish, looks like whoever had the car before me might have had it as a spare, not exacly sure. i can take a pic of it if you want.
  4. are you willing to ship to utah?
  5. i would ship if you covered the shipping cost, i would have to get a number from UPS to see how much it would be, i would much prefer a local pick up, but since your the first to respond really to this, im giving you first shot. Just an edit, the rim is 17X8 not X9 and is an 01 cobra rim
  6. ok let find out what my other three are.
  7. ok let me know, if not gone by the end of the week im going to a local rim shop, need the space.
  8. SOLD to a local rim shop.
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