Chrome spray paint for pony rims?????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BLADDER92FOX, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. I was looking at the spray paint for rims today at discount auto parts and i ran into a can of chrome paint that looked nice,i was wondering if anyone here has ever painted their pony rims with chrome paint and then gloss?And if you did what results did you get,i was really going to go with white paint to match my rims with the car or just silver like they normally came. But that chrome paint is very tempting.
  2. I don't think it would come out good. That chrome doesn't spray as bright as the cap and it kind of looks dull. Also I don't think it would be very durrable.
  3. Same thing i was thinking and i was just told on another site.Well i'm thinking about going with white or silver for the ponies,my silver color on the front rims really need paint. But i'm really thinking about going with white for the rims to match my car.What do you guys think?Silver or white?
  4. Go with white; would look great with a white car.
  5. How long does the paint and the clear coat each take to dry?
  6. If you're doing it with rattle cans, it will take 3 or more hours (assuming you will prime them first). Make sure to apply multiple thin coats when painting; nothing makes wheels look cheaper than runs or globby looking paint.
  7. I think Gold paint would look good on Mustang wheels, especially with metal flake!

    :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester: :jester:

    Actually, I have always liked the look of black wheels. Then again I am a major fan of understatements.
  8. Pick 3 colors... whatever your favorites are. Put the wheel on a balancing machine and spray away! Should a get a cool psychodelic effect. Tie-dye Pony rims!
  9. Don't Do It.....Plain & Simple. It may look good at first but paint is not durable enough to hold a long lasting finish on my opinion painted rims look kind of taky anyway. It wont be long before it starts to fade or flake off. Also that chrome paint you can buy in stores dosn't look like chrome at all. It has more of an aluminum/silver colour to it.
  10. Even the psychodelic ones???? :damnit:
  11. I like it Daggar.

    I think I remember painting paper plates this way at the fair when I was a kid?

    The best bet for a durable finish is going to be powdercoating. It may surprise you how reasonable the cost is to do this. Sandblast the rims and drop them off. Pick them up a couple of hours later. Put them on and look pimp.:spot:
  12. don't do the chrome paint

    don't ever buy this stuff, ever worst junk on the market

    ditto the powdercoat.
  13. Keeeeeeeentuuuuuckyy Chroooooooome!!!!
  14. duplicolor chrome actually comes out looking like a mirror......until the first time water or a polisher or anything hits it then the "silver" part of the chrome runs off. You could clearcoat it I guess.....but...

    My advice....try something else.
  15. Well i decided i'm going with white,but i ain't doing it just yet but very soon. I'm just painting them for now till later on at the end of the year when i get 17x9 or 18x9 chrome cobra r's for the car. My rims need to come to life for now cause the paint is really fading fast the more i wash them. So i need to buy sand paper,primer,white paint and clear coat then huh?
  16. What do most people spray them with? Silver argent or something?
  17. Duplicolor makes a nice wheel paint, I used it on my truck rims and came out great.
  18. I don't know. I think body color rims are a little yesterday on most cars. I've seen a lot of white Mustangs with white rims and I think its a little played out. Thats just my personal opinion. Good luck. Prep is everything!
  19. graphite or white
    i did my 90 lx in graphite
    they will lok good for a bit then the durability factor comes in
    the first time you touch them with a pressure washer or anything similar they will flake badly!
    you can get a good finish just take you time