Chrylser has made my decision simple

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  1. Chrysler has made my decision simple

    If I can't get a Shelby GT500 by 2008 for MSRP from a Ford dealership who has more than greed on their mind then the 2008 Dodge Challenger will be mine. This is a very easy decision for me. I encourage everyone else to consider it as well. My loyalty to Ford is not worth a 10k markup.
  2. I two will consider the switch to the Challenger. It'll come close to having everything that I want in a package that will be mass produced (minimum 30K units)

    I like the idea of getting 425HP from a N/A car and an IRS.
  3. Enjoy the Chrysler Tranny !!! :notnice:
  4. 10K markup? Where are you finding a price that low? Look on ebay lately?
  5. Let me get this straight. You guys think the Dodge dealers aren't going to try charging over MSRP? Good luck with that. I think back to the prowler. I personally remember the salesman telling my brother and I it was $70k. Despite the $40k sticker on the car.
  6. Like Ford's 5 speed tranny is any better.......I'd take my chance I've had 2 Dodge trucks and they've been ROCK solid.
  7. Supply and Demand. Thats whats driving up the prices. But by the end of 2008 you should be able to deal on a Shelby. I remember when the 305hp 1996 Cobra first came out, they too were being maked way up. But by the end of 1997 you could get one for below sticker.
    From what I read Ford is planning to build 8000 per year so give it some time, you can get a deal.
    And don't you think the same thing will happen with the Challenger? Now if it were a 425hp Hemi 'Cuda I might jump ship to the other side.
  8. Is the 2008 Challenger official or are they still saying it is a possibility?
  9. I hope those challengers come with a big ass warranty...:notnice:
  10. The Challenger is official. DCX made the announcement infront of NASCAR fans last Saturday (Pepsi 400 @ Daytona) It will show up on the lots of Dodge dealerships in 2008 (late I imagine) as a 2008 model

    As for reliability of all different brands, each manufacturer has it's own problems. Didn't the Mustang have a few issues when it came out in August 2004? Like filling the gas tank? Or a ticking / knocking noise from the engine? What about having the rear ends rebuilt for another ticking noise? Saying that a RWD transmission will fail simply because it's built by one company is silly. Do the Viper transmissions suck that bad?

    Every dealer offers extended warranties at the time of purchase. They come in handy for silly things, like wiring glitches, heated seat failures, instrument panel failures, etc... They are worth it IMO for any brand of car.

    I love the Mustang, I've owned my fair share of them. So don't think I am Mustang bashing here. I simply think the Challenger will be easier to obtain and offer a greater value than the Shelby. 30,000 units a year is a lot more than 8,000 Shelbys per year. Maybe if Ford puts out a Mustang with similar performance to the Challenger I will be swayed away but right now we don't know that... So I'll plan on a Challenger
  11. could turn out to be a dog

    Who says that the Challenger is going to be a 500+ hp car? Just because it'll have a Hemi don't mean that it's going to blow the GT500 away! It could be a 4200lb car too! IT may look nice (just like the Shelby) that don't mean it's going to run fast. It could be a dog! If Chrylser makes it hot enough to out run a GT500 I'm sure it'll cost a lot more than a GT500.If they build 30,000 units a year, they won't be worth a plug nickle after a couple of years.
  12. Let's see, Charger SRT8's are listing for $43,700 in 2006, what do you think a Challenger will list for in 2008. Not to mention all the hype already in the rags. The first runs will come at a price as well.

    It will be a nice car, but I am afraid by them=n it will weigh 4500#'s negating any big hp.
  13. LOL!!!! In the articles I've read, the factory is forecasting the new Challenger to be in excess of 4,200 lbs.. You think the GT500 is a pig?? The porky Challenger will soak up so much of that 425h.p. that you'll LAMENT that it didn't come with a blower...

    Besides, anyone who thinks that the Chrysler dealers won't be trying for similar premiums over MSRP when those things hit the showrooms is delusionally naive, and just kidding themselves.

    The entire premise of this thread is laughable.
  14. Doesnt the new mustang come with a Tremec tranny? Thats what I replaced my T-5 with.
  15. The GT500 comes with an upgraded version of the tried & true T56 6-speed, the same damn tranny that Chrysler plunks in its Viper. AND.. None of the big 3, to my knowledge, build their own manual gearboxes anyhow. They all outsourse to Tremec/BW, ZF, and so-forth. They do build their own automatics, which is where Chrysler has taken some heat I believe. I also have read the R&D costs for automatic transmissions are one of the most EXPENSIVE investments automakers make. A brand-new from-scratch slushbox costs guhdzillions to develop and build. So anyhow, getting back to my point, don't fret it, he didn't even really know what he was talking about.

    The loose-to-false information in this thread is scary..
  16. I second that, when i looked into buying an SRT8 Charger from seven different dealers in the central Michigan area last fall the highest over sticker anyone wanted was $10K and the lowest was 2K...For a charger..a family sedan with a big motor and a few goodies.:shrug:

    I had a dealer call me last week offering me one under sticker.:lol:

    You can count on the fact that Dodge dealers will pull the same stuff for the first year out. Unless Dodge floods the market which would nullify such behavior, problem is why flood the market?, i doubt they will.:nonono:
  17. Let's put it this way, if they do charge over MSRP..It won't be any worse, than what Ford charges, for a bone stock Mustang GT. And here's why.. The Dodge boys plan to produce, at least 30,000 Challengers a year as opposed to only 8000 Shelby GT-500's per year..Plus the Challenger, isn't a limited edition, unlike the Shelby GT-500 and Plymouth Prowler..Therefore, do you really believe, Dodge is that stupid, to risk taking such a huge loss, if they pull a stunt, like that ? Just how many of those 30,000 would actually sell, if they did ?? Besides, the Challenger is being produced to compete head to head, with the Mustang GT. not with the Shelby GT-500.. But of course, that's supposedly, what the folks at DC have claimed, all along...However, I'll, "believe it", when I "see" it..
  18. You're dreaming if you thing a 400+HP Challenger will sell for the same price as a Mustang GT.

    30,000 is[/ limited production. Currently Ford is making 160,000 - 180,000 Mustangs per year. The economies of scale are very different.
  19. It's a gotta have it kind of vehicle and there will Undoubtedly be a AMV on the Challenger when it first hits the dealer lots. I am not that ignorant to think there wouldn't be. But I don't think it will be 20K like what we see on the current Shelby cars.

    For sure the 400HP model will be more expensive than the Mustang GT. Maybe the 340HP version (R/T level trim) will be similarly priced though. I'd expect the price point on the SRT8 model to be similar to the Charger SRT8 in the higher 30's. But at this point we don't know anything so all of this is just filler to pass the time until 2008 gets here.
  20. I am hoping that the Challenger comes to Canada. I really like it and would like to get one, just like I had to get a 2005 Mustang when they came out. I was the first one to order a 2005 Mustang GT from one of the Ford dealers here back in 2004 when they first hit the streets here. I got mine below MSRP, I am thinking I will be able to do the same with a Dodge product since I know the owners of a couple of Dodge dealerships very well.