Chrylser has made my decision simple

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  1. I couldn't agree more, though I wasn't willing to wait for the Challenger. I still will get one, though, and I bet we won't see the shameful dealer markup debacle of the Shelby Mustang because Chrysler will have to produce many more Challengers than Ford does Shelby Mustangs to make a profit.
  2. 2008 good year

    with the camaro and the challenger slated for 08 and a new body style comeing to the stang we are looking at good times for those of us who are income challenged to fork over the msrp inflated price tags. both chrysler and GM are sticking to the old stratigy of market share. Ford has been doing the oposite and hopeing to hold resale value. This works as long as they are the only player in a market. After 08 I'm afraid ford will have to pull the gloves off and get back in the dirty fight. I can't wait for 08:SNSign:
  3. 4200 lbs +:eek:

    psssst...... hey Chrylser, less weight is as good as more hp
    I guess somebody had to tell em:shrug:
  4. First off..... Those numbers are just GUESSING, the car doesn't even flipping exist yet. Furthermore, if you think you're going to run 13-flat in a 4,200 lb car with only 425 h.p., then maybe I can interest you in a bridge, or some waterfront property in Florida, to buy with that extra money you save over the Shelby.

    Do the math.

    The existing Charger SRT8 weighs in at 4180 lbs. It has the same 425 h.p. 6.1L Hemi. Road tests vary, as is to be expected, but google around and you'll find that everybody winds up with rather similar 0-60 5.0 seconds and 1/4 mile in the 13.4-13.6 range at 105-107 mph..

    Hey, that's nothing to snooze at.... but it's a long way away from the Shelby, especially mph in the trap, and with MSRP's only 4-5K apart, I'm not seeing the "bargain" here. The ONLY buoy to this argument is that currently most dealerships are trying to cash-in on the new Shelby's "the IT car" status. Mark my words, the Challenger will be the next "IT" car, and the same pricing nonsense will be going on, and you same guys crying about the Shelby price, and threatening to go Mopar, will still be crying the blues having to wait for things to simmer down, and the impulse-idiot buyers to get out of your way.

    When it comes to how MANY Challengers Dodge plans to produce, read my lips, IT DOESN'T MATTER, at least not for the 1st several months of production... Why? Because they can only build them so-fast from the get-go, so dealers will be sold-out for the first 4-6 months just like the Shelbys are, due to realities of rate of production... The only difference is that Ford will build it's 8,000 units and stop. Dodge will keep on building as much as demand will absorb. No matter, the first 4-6 months will still be just as hectic, just as frustrating. Especially with a car that's a bit cheaper, attracting yet a LARGER rabid audience of capable buyers..

    I'm not poo-poo-ing the Dodge whatsoever. I wan't one too. I just think it's hopelessly naive to delude yourself into thinking the playing field will be more level when those suckers hit the road. The Shelby is just a new "Cobra" that happens to reincarnate the long-dormant Shelby name on a Mustang. The Mustang has been available and in production, un-interrupted, for 40+ years, with a litany of performance models in its wake.

    The Challenger has been extinct for how many years now?? How much "pent-up" demand and excitement is there for this car, by Mopar loyalists, who haven't had a true 2-door V8 pony car available to them since 1975?? Wake up... And no, the Dodge Aspen doesn't count....
  5. I have seen a few quotes of the Charger SRT8 1/4mile being 13.3 in both Road and Track and Motortrend. And the Charger is an Automatic. Perhaps since the challenger has the 6 speed, they are projecting the 13 flat based on that. :shrug:

    Not that it matters I guess, it is all magazine racing and projections anyway. Wasn't it Motortrend that supposedly got the Mustang GT to do a 13.5 sec 1/4 mile stock? I personally have never seen any bone stock 05+ Mustang GT do a 13.5 at the track.....I know plenty of people claim to, but I have yet to see it. I usually see them at or around 13.7 People who do 13.5s usually have at least a tune.

    So in the end I guess I have to agree.....The challenger probably won't be a 13 flat car without a bit of a diet.

    What about the Dodge
  6. I think you missed one point. By the time the charger comes out. And is marketed for more than MSRP. The shelby demand will likely have tapered off. And MSRP should be able to be had.

  7. Well, that kinda goes without saying. But yes, by the time the Challenger hits showrooms, and the hype will be huge, and most the dealers will be trying to cash in on the first 4-6 cars they receive..... Shelby's will be EASY to buy at MSRP or better, at every dealership in the country.

    And over on the Dodge forums, there will be steaming-mad Mopar fanatics screaming "Screw all the greedy Dodge dealers, I'm going to hop the fence to Ford and buy one of those Shelbys!!" :rlaugh:
  8. That is a good point you bring up. I'll just have to sit on my hands until the cars are all on the market at the same time and then decide which one to get. :)

  9. Exactly what I am doing. I'm even interested in what the production 2009 Camaro will look like, and what the SS model will offer. I am going to wait until all three are on the market at the same time. However, the run of the GT500 may be over in 2009, and then I will have to figure out something else.