Electrical Cigar Lighter Not Working, Fuse Is Good

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  1. Hi im about going out off town, I need the cigar lighter shocket working for my gps, I check the fuse, and its # 20 fuse it good , but cigar lighter shocket is not working, any idea ? its for 1995 ford mustang gt.
  2. Grab a multi-meter and make sure you actually have power coming into it.
  3. I have a multi meter, how do I test it ? I mean what number I need turn the knob to , to test power, I pull the shifter dash off, and see blue/black wire, and 1 black wire.
  4. Set your multimeter to measure DC volts, or DCV. Touch the leads of the multimeter to the wires and see what it reads, if anything. If you get a negative voltage it just means you have the polarity reversed.
  5. I have no power out off it, the power seat is not working too, when I bought the mustang, the owner say both not working. the fuse is good, what other option I can do to get power for my GPS.
  6. Did you have the key "on" when you tested it? You could tap into power from another 12v source but if I were you I would track down why there is no power to the cigarette lighter.
  7. Yes I do have it on when I test, mabe I have take to the electric shops.
  8. Just a thought.
    Make sure that the power is still hooked up.
    Mine was disabled by the previous owner. Clearly didnt want smoking in the car so they disabled the lighter and power port. Fuse was good. I had to go in and simply connect it back up
    You do that at the power source plug by your gear shift. Once reconnected It will then allow both the lighter and power source plug to work. Good luck
  9. Not sure if this is the same connector BangerStanger is talking about, but in mine there is a connector that was unhooked next to the Ebrake, right beneath the center console storage piece. If it isn't disconnected, there isn't a coin in there, the fuse is good, you might have some other kind of electrical short running between the fuse and aux adapter.
    If your electrical seat isn't working either (which is on the same fuse) more than likely a short.

    A note though, the cigarette lighter only functions as a lighter, not as a 12v aux for accessories.
  10. Since the power seat is also not functional, are both power outlets (cig lighters) non-functional? If so, have you tested power in and out of the fuse in the underhood fusebox? The fuse might look ok but be bad, or the terminal might have been pushed out or something like that. Otherwise, as noted, you'll want to trace the circuit. Another diagram of the fusebox:


    For your needs, as was suggested, you could wire up another power source. You probably don't need much power for your GPS (the instructions should note the power consumption). If you do this for a temporary fix, be sure to fuse the new power wire you run.

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  11. forgot to update : I take to local electric shop and they repair some kind of wire, and now it work again, he charge 20 buck.