Civic Vs Cavalier Video

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  1. :shrug: actual link is broke :shrug: :(
  2. :lol: good one, thanks for the post
  3. Even though that was dangerous and stupid....

    that Cobra driver is my hero.
  4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    I wonder what the guys from the civic and the cavi did after that?

  5. I totally agree! :owned:
  6. LMAO That's AWESOME

    As if racing a civic and a cavi isn't bad enough... they got dusted by a mustang from out of nowhere..... :owned: ...... Was that a cobra? I would LOVE to do that someday... :rolleyes:
  7. After watching it again..I just love the passengers reaction. He musta made his friend feel like crap.
  8. HAHAHA :rlaugh:

    MINT :nice:
  9. Shoulda been a priceless commercial

    1 fart can 100 dollars
    1 ironing board rivetted to the back of the car 200Dollars
    1 underbody neon kit 300dollars
    NOS stickers on your window 0.25 cents

    getting owned by a Cobra....Priceless!! :lol:
  10. :nonono: Wow.....a Cobra is faster than a Civic and a Cavi....I had no idea. :rolleyes: .....its seeing stuff like that that makes me feel bad I own a Mustang. When the V8s stick their noses in where they don't belong, it ruins the image for all of us. I'm sure the guy's dad would be pi$$ed if he knew his punk kid was driving like that. Unfortunately, it's people like that who jack up my insurance rates. Hopefully the guy at least got a good ego boost from beating up on two cars who, combined, don't total his base HP. :nonono: Here's an idea....if you have a Cobra and you want to impress someone, try to flyby a Z06 or a Camaro SS. Beating up on ricers with that kind of power is stupid. I bet the kid hit the hazards on his stang right after the camera clicked off. :nonono: :notnice:
  11. Mean03 i'm glad someone finally stated how it is. Some idiot kids trying to race their late 80's early 90's low HP cars and getting flown by, by a 97 or so SVT Cobra...i'm not sure which is sadder...the kids racing their cars or the idiot in the SVT Cobra who felt his d*ck grow a couple inches by flying by those two cars. As he said, his car had more HP than those two did combined, so whats the big deal? Now, if that was a v6 flying by, with the top down even, thats something I would somewhat be wanting to brag about. I really agree, these idiots driving around town at 80 mph with the top down...they're the ones who make me pay such high insurance.

    If you, a 30 year old healthy individual, wish to go beat up on little toddlers in a pre-school playground, be my guest. I'd rather pick a fight with someone my own size, however.
  12. :eek: Holy $hit! There's someone out there who feels the same way I do about this?! Man, I just knew I was gonna get flamed for that. But apparently, there are people out there who see the bad in this kind of thing. Cheers. :cheers: Chris, you were right...we ARE in agreement on just about every post on :D
  13. ditto :nice:
  14. that was a funny video
    but it was ghetto too.
    why would u flyby on a cavi and civic.
    even in my slow car, i still wouldn't of done that, it looks retarded.
  15. So was that street racing, if so then this thread will be locked, but since the link you provided was is not working, oh hell, i will lock it anyway!

    You all know my feeling on this crap! Why do I even bother!
  16. weeee :spam: still not locked... heh heh
  17. I didn't see any street racing :banana: :banana:

    I was over in the 4.6 forum and they had a similar video except the cars gettin passed were a couple of stangs I think, they were getting passed by a Saleen.