Civic Vs Cavalier Video

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  1. FACT: If not for street racing, there'd be no track racing.
  2. Well...a more accurate statement would be, "If not for THE DANGERS OF street racing, there'd be no track racing." :D
  3. Wow this forum is getting a bit edgy.... as sad as I am to say it I would agree with the above that the cobra shouldn't ahve been stealing candy from the todlers... I also agree that it is thanks to idiot such as them that we have insurance that skyrockets... trust me my bank account agrees... but it was still pretty funny...... and street racing (when done right) isn't all that bad...
  4. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Well...a more accurate statement would be, "If not for THE DANGERS OF street racing, there'd be no track racing." :D[/QUOTE]

    :D Ok, that's true. :nice:
  5. Were all adults here...I think! Anyways, no sense in crying over spilt milk, no harm, no foul....even if it was a dumb thing to do, I'm sure we have all had our dumb moments, or maybe its just me. :shrug:
  6. :stupid:
  7. Way back when, my friend I were revving at eachother at a stop light, him in his Colt, and me in my POS Nissan Sentra. In the left lane was some guy in a pickup truck and he was watching us just shaking his head and laughing.

    Light turns green, and he pudders along next to us as our engines rev and scream out 75 HP of raw power. He finally decides to accelerate at his normal speed, and dusts us both.

    As he pulls away, we both wave bye bye to him out our windows. I could see him laughing in his rear view mirror. We thought it was the funniest thing.

    I'm all for flyby's when it comes to stupid crap like that. As long as it's within the speed limit.
  8. I think you assume too much. I mean you may know a Cobra is faster than a Civic, but try telling that to a ricer. I bet they'll swear up and down an intake and exhaust would make up for the difference. :rlaugh:
  9. [QUOTE='66 coupe]I think you assume too much. I mean you may know a Cobra is faster than a Civic, but try telling that to a ricer. I bet they'll swear up and down an intake and exhaust would make up for the difference. :rlaugh:[/QUOTE]

    :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: ..u forgot to mention their go-fast stickers man..that's like an extra 100HP. :D :rlaugh:

  10. 100? I have a friend who has a 99 civic....he swears that he's pulling about 500 hp out of it:worship:...because of his CAI and exhaust........ :chair:

  11. I have no idea why ricer estimates are so high.

    I know the Japanese measure their engines in CC's. So a 3.8 to us is a 3800 to them. But idk why their horsepower figures are so blown up.

    Are Japanese horses smaller than American horses?
    Do they even have horses in Japan? :shrug:
  12. One of the guys I work with claims he gets 600HP out of his hatchback from CAI, exhaust, and headers...yet in the quarter I completely :owned: him... :scratch: He actually started saying that I had a GT and made me pop the hood. :rlaugh: To this day, he still swears that the track conditions "weren't favorable" (80 degrees, clear day, almost no wind :scratch: ) and he also says he's beaten a new Cobra on that same track. :bs: I told him "Man, don't start making up stories just because your Minute Rice got :owned: ." :D I don't talk trash, but sometimes I wonder what goes through a ricers head when he tries to get people to believe stories like that... :shrug:
  13. I dont understand the whole beating up on kids theory...what about beating up on a adult...when i goto the gas station and all i want to do is get a soda and get home but there are about 7 ricers and wanna bee's parked there congregating and they start to talk crap about
    "hey, wanna race that thing" snicker snicker
    i say "na, not today"
    "ah come one, afraid I will beat ya?"
    "no not at all"
    (under breath to turning to buddies) "I'd waste him"
    "what was that?"
    "uh nothing I was just saying i would probably smoke you"
    "yea really"
    "I highly doubt it bud'
    "lets go then!"

    and then the...oh I dont know...10 car lengths i put on him in first gear and shut it down before I even hit the speed limit gray area (10 mph over)

    Is that beating up on kiddies? my only point is some respect some dont, i respect when i see a car faster than mine, not arrogant about it, simple "nice car man", the kiddies dont know how to do that.

    My goodness what a story i have
  14. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Well...a more accurate statement would be, "If not for THE DANGERS OF street racing, there'd be no track racing." :D[/QUOTE]

    Yep that is correct, and if it weren't for the dangers of street racing there would not be so many useless deaths in today society among in experienced drivers.

    My job depends on the stupidity of others and trust me business has been good to me! I just hate to tell a mother or father that their child is dead for something that could be avoided!

  15. Yeah, there would be just as many deaths actually. People will just find something else dangerous to do. Say, for instance, if one person doesn't have street racing as an outlet for his emotions, he could take up smoking and die from that...someone else could take up alcohol. I get your point though, and I can respect that. I just think it's human nature to be curious and take risks...curiousity killed the cat, you know.
  16. Yes we all need our vices! Some people use guns, those kill people too. At least it looks cool when the ground effects of the ricers bounces the little kiddies to the curb! ( that is the real reason for ground effects, so kids don't get stuck under the car!
  17. Spoken like a true SVT driver. "...10 car lengths in first gear..." "kiddies don't respect me..." I'm not flaming you, but I HATE SVT for this exact reason: the attitude their products give their drivers. What you fail to mention is you bought a Cobra for that exact get attention from people. You roll up, get out, and start walking like your $hit don't stink, then yes, people are gonna give you a hard time..and they should. Everywhere I go, Cobras and Lightnings revv on me. Now sure, you guys can beat me up all you want, I'm not packing anything special..but when a fellow 6 lays down the law on a V8, well....I love to see that more than I like to see a riced out Civic getting :owned: In answer to your question, yes, that does qualify as beating up on the kiddies. Guess having your ego inflated further by owning a car that has less than half of your base HP makes you feel like a bada$$, b/c all SVT guys do that crap. And I don't care what you say, I'd bet the farm that you talk more than your fair amount of $hit too man. Like I said, no hard feelings towards you in particular and I'm not personally attacking you, I'm attacking SVT drivers in general. SVT egos= :notnice: , and that's all I have to say about that. Now that I'm thoroughly aggravated, I'm going to bed. :nonono:
  18. Its not an ego thing at all...this is my first new car...before it was a 92 gmc sonoma with 219,000, before that a 88 jeep cherokee with 175,000 miles all P.O.S. I wanted a mustang and went looking v6 v8 cobra, I didnt care i wanted a stang! happend to find a SVT. No one inflated my ego at all. I dont rev on civics, V6's, V8's, hybreds or anything. I just enjoy my stang. I see a old fourbanger lx foxbody, i shoot a wave, see a saleen or roush, i shoot a wave. all i am gettin at is i am minding my business doing my thing and if kids ( i say kids but I am 29 so anything under 20 is kids to ok lets say young adults start pulling my punk card, what am I supposed to do, go buy my sonoma back and then say ok lets race now?

  19. If someone has their mind made up that their rice is faster than a Cobra, do you think that if you beat them, they are going to acknowledge that your car is better? They won't. They'd pull out the official "Ricer Save Face handbook" and say something like, "Missed a gear..." "Turbo's broken.." "Nos didn't fire.."etc.. My point is, racing someone like that is pointless. IF I had a Cobra, which I would never but if somehow I was forced to own one, I wouldn't bother messing with someone like that. I would just know my car is faster, he's an idiot, and go about my merry way. Otherwise, if you race him, some other Stanger like, oh say, me, might be driving down the road just in time to see a Cobra beating a 92 Civic DX. Now I ask you, from my point of view in that situation, would that look stupid or not? I think so.
  20. you know it is also about the driver, If that wasnt the case then we would take our cars to the strip, hand over the keys, climb in the stands and watch a couple of professional drivers run our cars for us.

    so if that civic dx driver really wants to run it, I am supposed to say NO, on paper we are not compatable, sorry someone will think we are stupid.

    and I have to ask, what is your deal with V8 (or maybe just cobra's?) you seem to have a deep rooted hate for them. I am not sure what brought it about but dont judge a book by its cover. I am going to go out on a limb and go off of what you said earlier that all SVT owners have egos, well...maybe it is just pride on ownership. you seem proud of your stang...i am proud of mine...who's better? nobody we are just proud to have something that we want.

    same as that civic dx lets race!