Civic Vs Cavalier Video

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  1. I'm not going to hate on you for your opinion so do whatever makes you happy in that situation :nice: . As for why I hate V8's (and yes, I have a VERY DEEP ROOTED HATRED FOR ALL V8's), well, let's just say about a year ago I owned a GT and I'll never do it again. It's about 50-50.....half the reason I hate them is b/c 99.99% of all V8 drivers under 21 (which, by the way, represents about 90% of the V8 population..funny...) only have the car they do b/c mommy and daddy bought it. The other 50 is the friggin ego a V8 gives someone. Then there's the fact that V8's don't run other V8's, only rice and V6ers. Suffice to say, in my view, if you drive a V8, I got nothing to say to you and I hope you get smoked by a friggin done up Kia Rio or something. That's my point of view, and I'm not talking about you in particular or anything like that. I'm glad you are happy owning a Cobra. I am proud of my car, you're right, but I don't race it b/c the race scene has gotten ridiculously stupid. I'd either have to run the quarter against a Saleen or a Z06 since that's all that want to run a V6, and quite frankly, that fact makes me sick. Not as sick though as when, as I've said before, someone says, "You have a Mustang?" "Yes, I do." "Is it a Cobra?"....... :rolleyes: :nonono: :bs:
  2. Ya know...i do go looking for the dream run...a z06, SS, old muscle car, BMW M5 ect. but the fact is there are not alot out there, with drivers under 50 at least...I personally get no joy out of running something that isn't a close run.

    oh well....nuf said....stay cool
  3. Yeah...U 2 :cheers: