Cj Pony Parts Als Ice Bucket Challenge

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  1. Bill was challenged by several customers to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He decided that one bucket for a great cause was just not going to cut it, so we asked our employees to step up to the challenge, and they did. The staff here at CJ's jumped at the opportunity to help out.

    The goal of the Ice Bucket Challenge is to raise money as well as awareness, thats why CJ's is donating $1000 to ALS, and as soon as this video gets 10,000 views we are going to bump that up to $5,000.

    As is customary in the challenge, we want to nominate some of our vendors. We nominate Scott Drake, Ford Racing, Ridetech and TMI!
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  2. That was EPIC!
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  3. well done
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