CJ Pony Parts and TMI - Worst Experience Ever!

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May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
Its great to hear that they stood behind the product and made it right for you. Still sucks that you are this far down the road with this and essentially back to square one.


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Apr 4, 2007
I had to pull the vinyl off and cut some of the insert fasteners that they installed off-center from the holes they drilled in the panel. Its better but not what I expected from the start.one insert fits flush against the armrest and the other is overlapped a little bit by the armrest. I stretched, glued and restapled the vinyl to get it to lay a little better. The inner door belts dont fit correctly. Ill have to order a new set to see if I can get some that curve more with the door panels.


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Apr 4, 2007
I got an email from CJ Pony Parts Chief Operating Officer. I got this email after Chris, CJ Pony Parts rep, that posted earlier in this thread reached out to him and provided the details of the issiues I had. It was great to have my issues addressed. Hopefully word of my situation gets around CJ and they handle issues better in the future.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to sell products from companies such as TMI and have to wait for them to fulfill the orders. As someone who is a do it yourself so you make sure its done right kind of guy, it seems like a nightmare. CJ put trust into TMI that they will deliver products when they say they will and CJ kind of puts their stamp of approval on their products by having a partnership with them.

I can say that moving forward I will use CJ again, perhaps with slight apprehension, but two days ago I would have said HELL NO. I think they made me right, sooner would have been better but they did make it right by me and ate $589.99 worth of door panels.

I gotta say, Ive never seen a rep from a company step up ready for a beating like Chris was when he jumped on here, he never made me any promises but he did what he said he would do and he did it quickly.

Hats off to CJ Pony Parts for doing the right thing. They treated me as if Id spent every cent with them and that hasnt gone unappreciated.
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Feb 18, 2001
Glad to see things worked out well for you.

I'm still grumpy on how they handled the pink seat fiasco with me, but that's in the past.


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Mar 5, 2019
Ordered a couple of thing from CJs on Monday and its here today (thursday). (Of course it wasn't Fox body door panels).
But quicker service/shipping than I've got from anywhere in a while. Just odds and ends. The web site could work a little better.
:confused:;):cautious: I price compare and shop them all.

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