Cl Fail Of The Day

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  1. Wheres the blower? All I see is a little chubby filter
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  2. Also, the "brand new" top is broke on the passenger side :rlaugh:
  3. What a mess!
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  4. I dont even know what to offer ? look like the car is out of ali
  5. Built for speed
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  6. More like "built while high on speed" :rlaugh:
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  7. Only way that ad is not a joke is if it said, "Will pay you to haul away".
  8. Like all those friggin dealerships that advertise a car as Super Charged as if it means "sporty" or something.
  9. Let's see

    Top that looks like it was installed by Stevie Wonder- check
    Rattle can paint job- check
    Terrible lowering job- check
    Faded trim- check
    Worn out interior- check
    Missing foglight- check
    mismatched headlights- check
    rats nest of underhood wiring- check
    3g alternator fire hazard wiring- check
    underhood air filter sucking in hot air- check
    Ugly ass cobra intake- check
    radiator puking out coolant on batery-check

    Where do I buy?
  10. You'd have to come to my house. Snagged it already
  11. I was confused why my profile said I joined in '99. Then I saw yours was '85. Nuckin Futs round here
  12. He's going to put Chevy EVERYTHING in it.
  13. :rock: Flux Capacitors FTMFW! :nice:
  14. if you want put a chevy motor in a fox, do it right, and super clean. I still preferd a ford engine in it though ^^

  15. Not a fine unit like this one. Superchargers all I need!
    About to finish my LS swap this week.
  16. nice you will love it. If I ever find me a super clean notch shell, I put a LSX motor in it. properly a 5.3L with H/C/I that enought .
  17. I've got a build thread on here, though some jack wagon made it hard to find.
    Just a 6.0/TH400 car but it should be plenty for a while. It's all in an SN95 car right now but will go in a coupe if I keep it long enough.
    Not a swap for everyone and I still hope to be ford powered again Eventually. LS swaps are the furthest thing from cheap no matter what the Internet says.
  18. Yea I know, I think I saw that LSX swap on the SN95 thread. Its not easy for other to accept that kind of swap lol. I like it, but I alway keep it to myself, my dream car still a 87+ notch with a super clean LSX swap, crusing, track, sunday drive..., mabe one day I find that notch
  19. CL gems to lsx swaps........ :leaving: