"Clackity" Noise

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  1. Ok, engine is back together after replacing the head gasket but when I started it there is a "clackity clackity" sound coming from the engine. I don't think it is the valves hitting the pistons as the engine turns over by hand smoothly. Other than the "clackity" sound the engine sounds fine and smooth (good exhaust not, runs smooth).
    The sound is almost like noisy tappets of old.
    Could it be the lash adjusters needing oil pressure? The cams, and therefore the rockers and lash adjusters, never did get removed when I changed the head gasket and the head was off the car for over a week.
    The Chilton manual I have says that, when replacing the lash adjusters there will be tapping when first started. Let the engine warm up, then rev to 3000rpm for a minute, then stop it and let it cool down. The tapping should have stopped at next start.
    Considering the noise I'd feel real nervous doing that.

    Any ideas?
  2. FYI, a video of the engine running.
  3. diesel stang ftw!
  4. You replaced a head gasket: Is the noise coming from that bank?

    Pull the valve cover and check for oil. It sounds like that bank isn't getting any.
  5. yeah, that's the line I was thinking, which is why I mentioned that it sorted of sounded like tappets of old.

    I compared the old gasket with the replacement and they were the same so I'm not sure why I'd be having a "no oil" issue.

    And yes, I did put oil back in :)
  6. Here is another video with the valve cover off the bank that I replaced the head gasket on.
    Something that's not very clear in the video is that the oil is milky... water in the oil?


    Also, where is the oil pressure switch in relation to the oil filter? My oil pressure gauge says all is good but could it be blocked?

    Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  7. check your plugs just to be safe?
  8. Are you sure that things in time sounds like a mechanical knock to me. Pull your plugs immediately .
  9. Well, the engine is toast so I've been told so a new engine is in the works. At this stage I'm going to get a reconditioned engine which is $2300 delivered to my door. I can't afford to get anything with power at the moment but I'll swap over the bits from the current engine.

    Anyway, what sort of timeframe will an engine swap take for these? I've pulled plenty of engines before so I'm guessing about 12-14 hours total? Taking into account that I haven't pulled one of these before so it'll be a learning curve.
    Something I've never done before is split an A/T from an engine. Anything I have to look out for? Do I need to watch out for trans oil going everywhere?

    Any other comments?