clanking nosie in the valve cover

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by sskustoms, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. I have a 95' gt 5.0

    -gt40 Iron Head
    -1.7 roller rockers (gold)
    -trick flow cam

    replaced valve cover gasket (cork material)

    did a test start up , on the driver side of the valve cover sounds as if one of the rockers is knocking against the cover (sounds like a coin in the dryer machine) but not consistant just on start up fades away then on high rev.

    had concerns as if something is loose or fell in. Had a second look didn't notice anything out of place . Going to try this again for the third time . ANYONE have any idea whats going on
  2. Take the valve cover back off and look. If it was hitting somewhere, there should be signs of it. Sometimes those rockers come loose if they aren't tightened correctly.

  3. Are the valve covers interchangable ? can you put the drivers side on the passenger side without any problems ? Maybe a baffle is hitting a rocker ? I'm not sure about stock but some aftermarket VC's aren't interchangable without switching the baffles.Of course stock valve covers don't have baffles you can move.
  4. is it a clanking or a ticking? My Roller Rockers are quite noisy they have been on two different sets of heads, just how some of them are.
  5. If its a ticking sound it may very well be a lifter failing (assuming there are no contact marks on the valve covers). You might want to think about this. Replacing the lifters, if they are the problem, will also give you a chance to reset the valve train and make sure it is proper.