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  1. When I was a little boy I helped my dad strip 3, 69 fastbacks, and 2, 70 fastbacks for parts incase we need them for my 69. He died 4 years ago and I need to sell them so my mom don't have to deal with all the parts. I also have a 70 351 cleveland engine and C-6 tranny left. Please e-mail me with the parts you might need and I'LL tell you if I have them.

    Thanks, Ted
  2. 69-70 parts

    Hi, Where are you located ? Do you have a list of parts ?
  3. 1968-69 styled steel rims

    Hey Teddy, do you have any of the 68-69 styled steel rims?
    Thanks, dukester
  4. first off where are you located.
    do you still have the 351?
  5. Teddy, If u have a list of the interior parts you may have salvaged.. I too have been in the process of redoing my 70 mustang, mostly need trim panels for the interior, in black if possible. The rear quarter interiors would be awesome.. Thanks Mike
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.