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Mar 11, 2011
*** Long-distance travel, then you must be thinking, preparation,Classic-Fit Big Pony Polo, this sure is different from you complete with out visiting the couple, must be appropriate to you will have a You must be looking forward to this trip goes well, give your baby more happy. So you should make adequate preparations for this, here are how many initiatives for your reference:

First, make sure it is travel by car, or travel with the tour group.

a premise to drive out their own advantage is more comfortable, defect is relatively hard, many events have their own trouble; the delegation is room and board compared the upper hand travel peace of mind, wrong is not enough freedom. Both have their pros and cons of the situation according to their actual need to make a choice.

Second, select the appropriate destination.

should choose a suitable baby, let your baby interested in destinations like: beach, natural scenic spots, etc., so that your baby happy, you bother. Note that the selection of destination, not to stimulate the environment noisy or too crowded place, do not go to no shade and shelter where the rest of the baby's inappropriate. Can also be prepared to consider staying in hotels, restaurants are free for your baby to stay in their parents room, or whether the supply of free meals for the baby and so on.

three, the trip plan to the actual situation based mobile flexible.

If your baby is tired, can slow down the trip, stop and rest, such as promised to the baby stay in the hotel chosen to play in the shallow pool of half a day; if the baby was sitting in the car for a long time is very tedious, can get off to skip along the ground with him, Play with the ball. In short, do not hurry hurry, and travel to destinations not only fun, it is to enjoy all the travel process.

Fourth, take plenty of water for the baby, little food and gadgets.

This is the progress of the baby travel a good mood measures. Do not tell him in advance, when you stop to rest, bag of delicious,, maybe he will full of energy.

Fifth, watch out insurance, to avoid accidental damage or lost the baby.

in the mountains and water, and we must always pay attention to the baby moves, careless million can not be ignored. In crowded places, the baby can easily become separated from their parents, so go out, they can give your baby wear a coat the color blooming, and in the baby's clothes and backpack put some coins and a card to write on baby contact name and phone their parents, and told how the baby in case of lost self-cover, the pursuit of access to assistance and contact with parents.

six, usually more than the baby out with the short tour.

look at the baby to adapt to and nurture your baby resilience, so that your baby added exposure, the accumulation of lessons learned. For future long-distance travel to play the basics.

with your baby travel in advance what should be done to prepare

one, sure you travel with the candidates

best to let her husband and a friend traveling with you, make you one more help, if you encounter problems or can help you out of ideas to help you care for your baby.

Second, the pre-deployment of some of the best travel time

baby in the car, train, plane slept well, but woke up because of the narrow space and keep annoying mother trouble . Then travel by plane or preferably in time when the baby fell asleep easily.

Third, the best pre-travel medical

*** baby full-term baby can only be carried out. This activity will increase the baby's appetite, and can soothe your baby's emotions and reduce the Yeti, satisfied the need to move the baby love and curiosity for intellectual development. But the best *** medical examination to determine whether the baby in good condition body, but can also ask for advice trip to the doctor what disease and prone to superficial strategy.

four seats given votes

request must be appropriate to declare that he is with a child, by plane make an appointment when the best seats in the first row of each section and asked the plane Are there special units or baby cot, do not receive a long-row center seats. Whether you because it still is not very convenient for passengers next; train bunk when requesting a reservation. In this trip, you and your baby will have a larger space of movement, and let your baby play in your Tuibian.

five, scheduled to go to hotel

the book as much as possible to have the crib room, this would allow you to take care of the baby is very convenient.

six, leaving a small cup of vinegar drink before departure

drink a small cup of vinegar in warm water, which can effectively avoid the halo spit; dining, Riga, some vinegar to the dish, either stimulates the appetite, but also sterilization disease prevention; If the skin is to stay mosquito bites, disinfection of itching can be coated with vinegar; Ruoyin not meet the new environment and difficult to sleep, drink a cup of vinegar in warm water before bed can fall asleep quickly .

seven, food

1, if the baby is still breastfeeding, you do not need to prepare anything special for him. However, I should be more prepared for you some water, because the travel will make you feel thirsty. If your baby is formula fed, you should use bottled water to milk.

2, should carry two meals for the baby to prevent unexpected delays present, or the baby refused to eat.

3, impatient if the baby the morning breakfast, consider feeding him in a hotel usually eat breakfast. So you can have more time to better ways to eat your own breakfast.

eight, should carry the baby clothing and carry at least two sets of clothes in order to quick replacement.

to the easy motion sickness the baby with two large plastic bags, made of mouth pocket, set in the neck for the disposition of vomit.

with enough for two days, or even longer, one-time use of diapers, so when the time of trouble.

go if it is to the water's edge, take a suitable baby's life jackets.

baby wear a hat, coated with suntan lotion, but also the children will go to just wear sunglasses.

verify the destination of the meteorological conditions, to bring the appropriate clothing.

nine, equipment to bring the baby's

with a washable jacket or towel.

bring lightweight buggy.

Front pocket baby can release your hands. Unfamiliar people and make contact with the bacteria do not baby's face. With the buckling of the rear pocket most suitable for the baby will be just walking children.

when a change diapers and wet wipes with the mat in order to keep the baby for diaper and clean a small ass.

bring some baby bedding is often used, for example, a blanket or a small pillow.

sealable plastic bag can be put to many uses. They can be used to pack food, dirty diapers, dirty clothes.

bring your baby learning to use the personal care products.

medicine box should antipyretics, thermometer, sunscreen, antibiotics, safflower oil, Band-Aid, for the clean, salt water nasal drops and nasal drops the ball, and tweezers, and so on. If

to travel abroad, need to go to the core fixed-point international travel health clinic for consultation, to understand local health situation, if the epidemic, how should guard against. And obey the leadership of doctors take care kit, such as preparing a number of antipyretic analgesics, anti dizzy medicine, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-mosquito drugs, and external bandages.

baby travel to the issues concerned

1, baby Signed

the current fare for the tour is not for children, and provisions of the same scale, but according to different and different goals to the number of days and different requirements of each airline to develop children's price. Some travel agents will be coherent for baby products on the basis of the adult price and then charge a fee, and some relief for certain products will be on the baby expense, before the Staff Committee

must be examined to understand.

2, babies under 2 years of age by air

infants by 10% of full fare adult ticket, one seat is not exclusive. If you need a separate seat be useful, should buy tickets for children; full 2 ​​years of age and children under 12 years of age by 50% of full fare adult tickets.

every adult passenger can only have one child to enjoy this fare, the purchase should be to provide children, infant birth years of the valid documents such as birth certificates, booklets and so on.

3, baby train

less than 1.1 meters tall and have adult supervision for children, free train, and adults can be allowed to share a sleeper. If more than one child more than the number of children only to buy votes. 1.1 meters tall and less alone application to children, such as sleeping, as long as the purchase of a berth, without purchase of tickets.

1.1 to 1.4 meters tall and the children can be accompanied by adult children to buy seat tickets do not resemble their adult counterparts ticket at 1 / 2 the fare purchased.

part of the railway children permission to carry 10 kilograms of luggage, no extra charge.

4, baby see attractions

designated in accordance with the details of the attractions, the majority of children free of charge, or discount tickets.

5, magic

take care of transportation: the airplane for the baby must wear seatbelts; young baby to hold in my arms, do not let your baby walk around, when the cause preventing smooth collision injuries. Great children's emotional stability, there is likely to prejudice the people crying off, it should be well dominated, such as letting him (her) to see books, listening to stories. Aircraft movements, children will feel ear pain, and allow them to drink milk, nipple biting, chewing candy can help alleviate the symptoms.

dining: the journey should be oily food, eat more vegetables and fruits, do not eat unhealthy, differences grid food and beverage, drink spring water, ponds and rivers, do not let your baby eat cold food, such as salad, ice water and the like. Baby's bottle at night back to the hotel to use hot water disinfection wash.

Security: travel, infants and young children can embrace, or take the cart, walk up to the adults to support young baby. Always pay attention when traveling to the baby's safety and to avoid getting lost, drowning, or by accident.

Zijia maintenance instructions

baby become a fashion with traveling by car, take the safety of children has been a lot of concerns. Criteria, the car seat belt is for adults over the 1.5 m used. 1.5 m height in children under the Suppression of peace with not only the use of children to wear around the entire device, it is possible to cause damage in the abdomen or neck. So, how to avoid the possibility of the emergence of the baby's injuries?

for over 6 years old children under 90 cm tall, the City Road to the booster cushion suitable for child-specific; for children under 6 years of age, should be equipped with child safety seats, to be different in different age of products to choose from. Better child seats currently on the market in the 1000-3000 national currency per month. Equipped with child safety seat, the child seat should be forward back to prevent slam the brakes when the child throws the inertia. In addition, because the airbag is set in front of ordinary, balloon bombs Production of child care will harm the force, therefore, should avoid sitting in the front seat young baby, even in her arms. In addition, careful and precise driving is the biggest baby.

travel with baby a

essential items, infant baby:

milk: the best meal component of a good amount of points will be installed in the milk box or bag to can be too fast brew, at least 2 bottles, hot and cold water and 1 tank; so easy for breastfeeding mom to compare it! Drink at any time, but at home and over the lack of private space for breastfeeding, if Mommy is not convenient, ready to wrap around to cover your back, your baby to drink breast milk. Spoon 1: You can feed your baby dry snacks.

snacks: If your baby has to eat biscuits, snacks can be prepared to let the baby yangkeng molar.

small toothbrush teeth clean.

diapers, wet wipes box.

warm clothing, blankets, socks, socks, caps hats, gloves.

cotton handkerchief 2.

care manual.

Second, early childhood baby: bring a towel tube: Wet a towel outside the carrying case, and then prepared a small towel, wet the first out the door, put towel tube or a sealed bag to carry. Po hands, dirty mouth with a wet tissue when passing the first time,Ralph Lauren Crest Polos, and then towel to wipe clean, so there is undue residue left in the hands of the baby, mouth.

pocket closure: closure pockets can be living to use! Because the pocket can be sealed, so the biscuits, snacks and other small things you can pick up a load to carry out consumption, abnormal convenient! Even the box can also be temporary pumping a few wipes with a sealed bag, use as a carrying case. Normal size for 2-3 with the use of non-magical effect that it would study Oh!

small bottles: This is the same closure pockets, a variety of shape, size good variety; cream or lotion can be installed away from home is very convenient! 5-6cm high tightening of the box can be installed, such as raisins, pumpkin seeds and other snacks, access to convenient, but also not afraid to get wet. Then larger boxes can hold pacifiers, so do not eat when you put your baby in the dirty bag.

medical kits: OK stretched preparations, ointments, cotton swabs, can be applied to sealing bags to moisture.

light raincoat: it can prepare one or two pieces, the average car to put baby to prepare for continued needs. Autumn and winter weather in particular do not take solid, permanent rain hit the car as long as the car turned into a doll, magic spells to become a baby!

fan: fan or a small round paper fan with folding.

story books, toys: bring one or two story books or toys to avoid boredom or when the treasure out patient, but also to avoid the treasure is always clamoring to buy toys, as is the steady play with a toy treasure, or more a novelty toy, then to vary it!

Camera: This course, do not say! Essential thing is the trip myself!

three, 1-3-year-old baby by car travel

prevention of motion sickness, motion sickness exceptionally

some children, the inner ear's balance system on the movement, especially sensitive. Most children follow the age, motion sickness will be dispelled. The following content that can be ruled out first, the way of motion sickness:

motion sickness if the invention of the child, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate drugs. Anti-motion sickness drugs in the car before the individual taking half an hour.

car before the children do not eat fat or greasy foods high.

car, if the child needs to eat small food, just to give the children to eat cookies or candy containing only glucose. Do not worry

appropriate, children will learn of your emotional, psychological toned down, the results easier to motion sickness, feelings of pleasure or sadness does the level of motion sickness, motion sickness when the test confirmed that home than home Some severe motion sickness.

give children something to do.

If the child looks pale, or the strange quiet, you should stop the car. Necessary to children ready for plastic bags to prevent the child vomiting.

always ready for a clean handkerchief, and chewing gum. Vomiting in children, the time used a handkerchief to wipe the child, the smell of the mouth with chewing gum removal.

Why does motion sickness syndrome?

structure of the human body,Economici Ralph Lauren Polo, including the movement of several groups of different sensory balance. In deformity cases, they work in harmony with each other, can provide immediate information to be the brain, the brain tells the body how to exercise, how to reflect the brain. When the car moving, the human perception of the inner ear organs to exercise. But sitting in sports car, the human skin and joint nerves and did not perceive the movement. Different sports sensory information transmitted to the brain from the friction: in the end is the exercise or rest? * If people in the car at the same time, the eye does not perceive the movement, much worse. This conflict is not the ultimate cause of the human body - which is the production of motion sickness symptoms.

Why baby more prone to motion sickness

under certain circumstances, may experience motion sickness everyone, but one local people actually easier to get motion sickness syndrome. Baby picture motion sickness occurs rarely, but more than one year old children are most likely to get motion sickness syndrome. Because the children sitting in the back seat because of height associated with often only see things inside the car, the eye can not perceive the movement. At the same time, children usually experience the first time long-distance travel by car, then is the most easy to get motion sickness, disease, and because the child's brain has not yet used the information generated when the car conflict. If the child first experienced motion sickness, it is easy when the next car, resulting in self-suggestion, leading to motion sickness, disease recurrence. Motion sickness is relatively rare disease in adults, because with age, the car experience has been accumulated, the brain gradually accustomed to this kind of information conflict, people no longer motion sickness. How to prepare for

motion sickness symptoms occur?

car on the move, the parents think of ways to let the children look out the window the eye, preferably in front of more distant goods, such as playing relaxing music, while the far front of him all the guidance kinds of things landscape. Be careful not to rush the verge of looking at things, because this process can easily lead to motion sickness symptoms occur. Parents do not let children watch the things inside the vehicle, such as reading, playing computer games or playing with toys.

Tip: If the car is by bus, try to choose the front row, because the rear of vehicle location and status of the forward direction of the different disorders are prone to motion sickness occurs.

adhere to the interior air fresh. Parents should be appropriate to open windows to allow air to fully smooth, avoid smoking in the car or carry a flavor of food without weight.

car before, should not let children eat too full or empty stomach, to prevent the increase motion sickness symptoms. Car, do not give children eat sweet or greasy foods, can give the children to eat salty snacks soda crackers such digestible.

as secure in the drive to reduce the acceleration and deceleration, braking or changing lanes frequently.

If long-distance driving, parking next to the more rest. Parents should plan a few break points when, for example, along the park, view, or shopping malls, and many more children get off the walk, breathe fresh air. Parents can inform the children of these programs in advance, so that children feel the end is not far away, long-distance car ride to reduce children's psychological timid, and psychological stress on symptoms of motion sickness, principally affected.

motion sickness if the child often can be taken one hour before the car motion sickness drug, dosage and the child should match the Spring and Autumn. Note occurrence of motion sickness symptoms of motion sickness drugs in the current re-taking is invalid.

Once a child emerge early symptoms of motion sickness symptoms, they should stop looking for premises in a timely manner, let the children breathe air, bed rest a moment, to prevent the occurrence of major symptoms of motion sickness. If the rest stop a moment helpless, the parents transfer their children to mind the attention.

small travel kits

analgesics or antipyretics, diarrhea medicine, antacid, cough expectorants, antibiotics,Ralph Lauren Flag POLO, motion sickness medicine, trauma medicine, gauze, alcohol, cotton, cotton swabs, bandages, Band-Aid, pest control cream
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