Classic Mustang For My Husband - Questions....

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  1. My husband has wanted a classic mustang for awhile. He has a birthday coming up and I have been searching for him a nice one, but on a tight budget. I know that work might be involved and that is ok to stay within budget and make it what he wants. At first I was looking at the 76 and 77 models and found out they were not so great, then moved to 1970-73 Mustang Mach 1's. I have found 2 in this area - one is a 1971 351 - they said it was a Mach 1 but has the Boss 351 decals on it that all look original making me think it is maybe a Boss 351 and not a Mach. Are there other ways to tell for sure? This one I could buy for maybe 3000-4000. It needs some things but is in excellent original condition. The next one I found a friend has it is a 73 Mach 1, all original, 351w. It will not start and has sat awhile. The body and everything is original. Has a few rust bubbles at fender well at back, interior needs to be redone, engine and trans probably gone through but can buy for 2000.
    What are your guys thoughts on these?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Ok ,you will have to look at the body tag/label on the door ,drivers side. look for the code - 1RO500000 the first 5 numbers is all you will need . at the start of the vin number . the first number ,1 stands for 1971 .2 for 1972 and 3 for 1973 ,R stands for San Jose, but this car may not be from San Jose so that may be different depending on where it was built . 05 is what you are looking for, that stands for Mach 1 .
    now the fifth didgit will be the motor code . C will be 429 4 V , Q will be 351 4V and will be a 4 bolt main block . for it to be a Boss 351 the code would be R.
    I hope this helps . if the door tag is missing ,and that is not a problem, check the dash plate under the windshield, it will have the same number.
  3. wow -- that is a great deal on the 71. I personally, would not go any later than that and my personal Fav. is 70, 69, 67 and 68 in that order.

    Does he like the MUSCLE look of the 70s or the classic look of the 60s?
  4. I would suggest you find someone even if you have to spend a $100 or so to get them to get them to give the car a once over . Ignore the decals , The VIN matters most, a 351c is a deal for that money . Rust can get really expensive to fix though . A Boss car will be a 4 speed only . There are no automatic Boss cars ,I have owned a couple of 71-73 cars .
  5. I am pretty sure that 351W or Windsor, was not available in 73' only 351 available was 351C or Cleveland. If the engine code is F it would be a 302, which looks very similar to. 351W. I don't want to be a source of more misinformation, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Ford switched from Windsors to Clevelands following '69 model year. I would agree with whiskerz. It would be well worth finding a knowledgable person in your area to help with your search. Someone who isn't trying to sell you something.
  6. Keep us updated on your search! What a great gift idea!!!
  7. I bet she never comes back again.
  8. Ya -- Hope she doesn't get Screwed!
  9. Nah, you'll likely hear from her when the car she gets has major issues....
  10. I hope not ...