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  1. :mad: mrs KRABAPPEL not krebopple is barts teacher, ralph is in lisa's class it's mrs hover
  2. Hoover?
  3. MMMMMMMMMMmmmm .........forbidden dooo-nut
  4. Yeh guys and Ralph glued his head to his shoulder, and BENT his Wookie. Geeez....

  5. Minute details. Tarzan never said "me Tarzan you Jane" either, but things often get remembered differently than they were.

    It says "I Choo Choo Choose you" and theirs a picture of a train on it, ha ha ha.
  6. And THEY want me to hang around in here :shrug:
  7. This is quite possibly the stupidest post I have ever seen on Stangnet.
  8. The Post was probably made by a little kid. I hope.
    Elf-"You know what you have to do now, right?"
    Ralph-"Burn them, burn them all."
  9. LMAO! Yeah, but aren't you glad this isn't in tech? :p
  10. :lol: Tech :rlaugh:

    Maybe mustang gt-r is in fact................Ralph!

  11. LOL GT-Ralph

    I burn things! (hang on, that was some kid in Bart's new remedial class)
  12. That's a big order. Maybe one of the stupidest, but the stupidest? That's a tight race! :D
  13. The guy at the guitar shop told me that my guitar is's me that sucks.
  14. And nowhere in Casablanca does anyone say "Play it again, Sam."

  15. And Nostradamus did say , that in the year of our Lord, 2004, a foriegn entity will appear on the great board of icon discussions, and a thread would be posted that would eventually cause everyones brain to implode.

    I think Nosty got this one right ..

    PS My cats breath smalls like cat food :rlaugh:
    I love puppy breath. Anyone else love puppy breath ?? It all smells the same , irregardless of breed. Whenever I get to play with a new batch of fuzzy little puppies, the first thing I do is pry their little mouths open and smell their breath. YAYY !! Puppybreath !!
  16. ....and Captain Kirk never said,"Beam me up Scotty." :shrug:
  17. You nee help. :nonono:

  18. My wife is the same way with the puppy breath.

    However, there is no such word as "irregardless". :nice:
  19. You're not one of those 35 year old guys that still lives with Mom, and collects comic books and model trains are you?

    Choo got issues mang. :rlaugh:

    PS - The next time you decide to rant, how about using some punctuation? Pressing the shift key, while pressing on a letter key gives you capital letters too. Fancy, perhaps complex, but nice when executed properly. :stick: