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  1. i HavEnt qUitE MasTeREd ThAT wHOll deEl yeT iM StiL WerCkEn Onn SpeLliNg
  2. Mr. T never said "I pity the fool..." in A-Team.
  3. and those Damned Duke boy's never said yeeeeeehaawwwwwwwww!

  4. "Just two good ol' boys
    Never meanin' no harm........"
  5. Awwwww, c'mon; you guys know the words, admit it!

    I'll help you out up to second line of the bridge:

    "Beats all you never saw
    Been in trouble with the law
    Since the day they was born.

    Makin' their waaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......"

    EDIT: Okay, okay, back to the song I'm supposed to be working on:

    Well people let me tell ya 'bout a girl name Trish
    A poor desert kid tryna live her queenly wish...."

    Oh, hang on, wrong thread :doh: :lol:
  6. Please quit singing....your voice is making the dog next door howl!

    :D :rlaugh:

  7. That's not the dog next door! You forgot to feed Oboe again! :nonono:
  8. :nono: You one-eyed green skinned myopic ninny! It IS YOUR TURN to feed our beloved Closet Door Dawg!:doh:
  9. Oh, nononono there oh blue fuzzy dude..... :nono:

    Hey, by the way, I never knew you were kinda "Twilight Turqoise" under all that blue hair. And will you pul-eeze sweep up the floor? It's starting to look like a field of bluegrass in here!

    It was my turn to feed the dog last week, this week is your detail, remeber?

    And yes, I'm still swapping you the weeks on either side of Labor Day for the next two weeks while I'm in Tucson.
  10. ....the only way they know how. Yeah
    Well that's just a little bit more than the law will allow!"

    (And now for the never-played-on-TV final verse only heard on radio)

    "Well I'm a good ol' boy.
    Ya know my Momma loves me.
    But she don't understand
    They keep-a showin' my hands
    and not my face on TV"

    1.) Yeah, I watched the show a lot. Kathy Bach was flippin' hot back then :nice:
    2.) RIP Waylon Jennings :(
    3.) NOW maybe I can get back to the theme song from "As the Horse-DooDoo Turns" :lol:

    Still Dreamin'
  11. I ain't shedding! yet
  12. Well if it's not you, then Oboe shredded another one of those psychodelic bathroom throw rugs from the '70's! :rolleyes: It's rolled up newspaper for him! First he leaves a 390 in my carport, then this!

    MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm Kathy Bach in "Daisey Dukes" . I think they used one of her old publicity photos as the model for Chelle's avatar! :drool:

    I've gotta get that image out of my mind, else I'll never get the other song written! :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'
  13. Umm, Actually, I left it at school. The only way it'll show up in your carport is in the Bronco. And I look forward to that day.

    Besides, Oboe was fine when I saw him today. Maybe Chelle's taking pity on him and feeding him because you two keep griping over whose turn it is to feed him.....

  14. Okay there, "Mr. Meow"; no more obfuscating the story with facts when we're cracking on the Closet Door Dawg!

    No tuna for you!
  15. two words:


  16. Chelle has been nice to me..... BTW I would be careful about those eye drops of yours StangDr. Since you and blue fuzzy keep forgetting to feed me........ ;)

    BTW Nokitten I thought you were going to use the 390 for one of those monster v8 chainsaws or was it to run the pump on the monster keg-o-matic for the party you're going to throw at Stangdr's house in a couple weeks?
  17. I NEVER forgot to feed you! I just don't feed you every time you want to eat 9which is ALL the time!) 'cause I want you to be a little motivates you to keep the unwanted, unwashed masses away from my closet door! :D

  18. SHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm planning on using the S10 for that party's go-get car.

    And as to the "Chainsaw" thing, I'm actually going to put it in my "Tree Removal Vehicle" :nice:

  19. Watch what you're sayin' there, Bubba! :p

    Hey, I may be going out of town but Mrs StDr will still be at home! If NK tries anything, she's gonna be :chair: ALL OVER him! :lol:

    Oh, crud, look at the time! I gotta get packed!

    Still Dreamin'
  20. And who's keeping an eye on HER???:scratch: