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  1. Keeping an eye on the Mrs., Trish (1/2NK) and Jessie is presently the job of Matthew. And he does a very good job. :nice:

    I've got Polly (my Chowpuppie) and Omega the killer nanny goat keeping an eye on NoKitten! :nice: :nice: :D :D

  2. I thought they were keeping an eye on Latigo, the wonder puppy.....

  3. IS TOO IS TOO !!!
    Irregardless , page 679 Websters Collegiate Dictionary c 1993
    " Despite , disregarding circumstances ".
    Also go to word on the computer, if you mispell it, word will correct it.
    I still every now and then like to use a word that doesnt mean anything. Like Triangrutoreous . :rolleyes:

    Hey T Chelle, I like fish too, doesnt THAT count for something??? By the way, these Asian guys here are selling some freshwater Barracuda. They are about 5 inches long and pretty voracious . Ever seen one?
  4. I've seen pics of them, but none in real life. They get about a foot long so you'd need 55 - 75 gallons just for one.

    I actually had a really bad day yesterday concerning fish. I discovered that my female ob peacock died :( (but at least I have 5 of her fry so she'll live on through them). And I've come to the realization that I have to get rid of one of my oscars. :( He & my other oscar suddenly went from being best friends to hating eachother. I'm really worried about him receiving proper care so I'm currently trying to find a reasonably near-by aquarium or zoo to take him. I'd rather donate him and know he's going to a good home than sell him to someone who might cram him in a 30 gallon tank and give him a steady diet of feeder fish & hotdogs.


  5. Ahhhhhh, they've already got Latigo figured out. Throw him a piece of dried hoof trimming or an old chunk of baling twine; and he's good for the day! Besides, the last time Latigo tried to chase one of the young goats; Omega head butted him into a corner of the back yard and just made him stay there for an hour - again! :rlaugh:

    Chelle; sorry to hear about the fish...the time spent keeping track of them (tank slime, ich, fights, etc :notnice: ) is why I gave up on keeping them years ago. Hope you can find a new home for the Oscar - if the aquarium will take him; you'll get to visit him regularly! :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  6. Actually, the maintenance isn't that bad. My fish are for the most part healthy (haven't had a case of ich in well over a year) and even with all my tanks I only have to do cleaning & water changes one day a week. And since my african cichlids are breeding, I can sell the fry and that pays for part of their food.

    BTW, has anyone here ever been to the Bass Pro in Springfield, Mo & been in their Zooquarium? Does it have just native Missouri fish, or do they have other fish as well (namely Amazon/S. American)?

  7. I actually got to meet Daisy (Mrs. Bach) and Bo (John Schnider? sp?) a few years back and got my pic's taken with them. --btw- Daisey was apparently hit by the General Lee numerous times and drug behind for many miles because she looks awful