Claybar'd/Waxed the GT, come look!

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  1. Well i spent the last two days clay-baring my car for the first time and waxing it with cleaner wax and then mothers synthetic wax. I haven't taken pictures of my car in a long time and needless to say i kind of suck at it haha, anyway as you can tell I was inspired by the bullitt look...

    There really isn't anywhere cool to photo my car around here that I know of so I took them in front of my house:


    the reason it looks 4x4 in the front is because im running 255/40 sumitomos and they look tiny! And yes I already know the steering wheel cover is slightly gay
  2. Looks super clean! I have to do it to my car now!:D
  3. yea not bad for 103k miles on the odometer!
  4. The silver colored Bullitts look great on there. Very nice car. Now, 2 things.

    1 - Head back to your tint shop and tell them to put a strip of 3M matte black vinyl over the dot matrix on the inside of the back window.

    2 - Put on matching center caps.
  5. 3. fix your driver side fog light :nonono:, looks good though, im usually not a big fan of wingless but it looks sick on your car :drool:
  6. I like the 3m idea over the dumb arse dot strip :nice:
    Deft, the car looks sweet :hail2: Nice tires :p
  7. For that tint issue, I had the vinyl put on the outside. Looks fine, no one has
    ever actually noticed it, it just looks like dark tint. On the inside if you go to
    remove it some day, it can pull off those teflon dots. Heres a pic where you can
    see it.

  8. yea i ran out of money for dr's :(
  9. car looks good!
  10. Don't you live in Galveston :shrug: ? There's plenty of nice spots over there to take photos. :D
  11. I like the wingless 99+ GT's....nice car!
  12. Nice clean looking car!:nice:
  13. :stupid:
    I was just thinking isnt their a LITTLE water around ther and a tiny little beach :rlaugh:

  14. I just moved to texas city so now im about 20 minutes from galveston..
  15. BTW how much did your supercharger costed?
  16. ur from tx city? i think i have seen your car around before
  17. never really like that style hood but for some reason your car pulls it off. very clean stang bro.
  18. My tint shop used a non-adhesive 3M vinyl on the inside over the matrix. No chance of pulling them off if I ever decide to remove it. Simply grab and pull. Looks great from the inside and outside.
  19. Looking great Deftsound!!!:nice:
  20. Sharp car deftsound...just out of curiousity, what does the top gauge measure on your a-pillar? Is it a wideband?