Claybar'd/Waxed the GT, come look!

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  1. I agree he does have too much free time.:D
  2. As I was saying before, for whatever reason I can only see part of the video before it stops after the two Cobra races. Im sorry I didnt see the Mach so I will just take your word for it seeing as you have a honest face :rolleyes:
    And thanks for the compliment :nice: I stopped wetting the bed by 15 so I feel pretty special :D

    Yeah I now feel bad for wasting thoes 45 seconds on you. :(
    Guess you missed the point of me being ABLE to take the pics :nonono:

    Look, we joke alot on here and it helps to have a thick skin. I learned dont talk smack if you cant back it, dont claim what you got if you cant prove it. If you got the car, cool. If Deft really did drive like that on your street Ill call him on it and give him crap for years.

    If your not :bs: you might be a cool person and ill buy you a beer :cheers: If you are :bs: then its a different story. There is a car show here Saturday and I think Ennis is open for street Friday or Saturday. No drag radials on the Termi but Ill run ya at the track. Can even run with my 96 if you want. Its more stock than your Mach1 claims to be so youll prolly walk me but its all good fun :nice: Reminds me I gotta go buy a new brain bucket :)
  3. :fuss:
  4. :lol: too lazy to take time to edit.
  5. I need anothr hobby :rlaugh: Whatcha doing up so late? Cant sleep eaither?
  6. Yup...I have sleeping problems...cant sleep more than about 4hrs at a time.That and I no longer reason to get up at any certain tiime...disabled now...guess you can say Im retired....:shrug: I got some hobbies to keep busy with,guitars(played for about 19yrs),and love to build model way...custom built.
  7. Masturbation cures cancer :shrug:
    Quote:Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

    Guess im covered till im 168 :nice:
  8. :lol: :rlaugh: Now someone with some werent joking about needing a therapist....:D
  9. Same here. Got sick, declared disabled. Im better now and just wana go back to work. Cant do the kinda stuff I used to but hell id be happy changing oil at Walsy Mart. Easy and no stress. Just to get out of the house all day and be tired at night. The move and then getting the Termi to work on helped for awhile but Im done with both cars (for now :nonono: ) cause im low on cash.

    *still holding breath waiting for picture*
  10. Never said I needed a therapist, I just like them. Especially with some butter and salt :drool:

    Everyone says they should be a therapist till you throw some hard stuff at them :D
  11. Well i know how it is..been like this since '05,but my condition is permanent(nerve damage....Periphial Neuropathy to be exact....can be very painfull).Takes me about 5 times longer to do things that norm people do,work at something for an hour...break for 2+ hours...ect...
  12. ppfff...I dont have to worry about that,Im married with an awesome girl,9yrs younger,she like women too,and says its only cheating with another lady if I dont share....:D
  13. Believe it or not I caught the Black Plauge and it morphed to Hep C and killed my liver. Only reason im alive is I never drank. But with just this damn cyatic (sp) nerve I have just the faintest idea but nowhere near your pain. Im really sorry to hear that :notnice:
    I tell you with all the pain meds I get nothing works as well as the 4V screaming under wot :nice:
  14. Ouch,sorry to hear.I know about the meds,there is not any drug for nerve pain,vicodene,codien,morphine...nothing fact they dont even make a med for my condition.this is what they give me to help:Neurontin 900mg(siezure med),Cymbalta 25mg(anti depressant),Topral(slow down heart rate),lipoic acid,folic acid,b12 vitamin...basicly all that just tricks the mind.Im also a diabetic of wich put me in the hospital for 3 weeks in 2000 cuz I didnt know I was,they said I shouldnt be alive then.
  15. *gets light headed from holding breath*
    Guess Im gonna try teh slepsor now.

    Oh noes I see not da pics of Machs.

    Deftsound: This is why you cant just leave your thread unlocked in a bad neighbor hood :nonono:
  16. I had a cousin that had some kind of genetic nerve dammage in his spine that their was no pain med for. They just gave him alot of Oxys to knock him out. It was really painful to see him that last sorry, I dont wana be a downer.

    Medical technology changes fast. Their used to be crap for Hep C two years ago and now they have a cure and it gets released next year to the public. Never thought I would see it but there it is. Ya never know mang.
  17. I got tired of waiting so Ill just post my own......

  18. Car looks awesome mang. :hail2:
  19. Car looks great but man do I feel your pain on those tires.... worst 11k miles of the car's life in terms of traction!
  20. Thanks Fullit :nice:
    *stops holding breath and gasps for air*