Claybar'd/Waxed the GT, come look!

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  1. Ill take a picture when I have free time I dont know how old you are but I work for a living, and have kids to take care of when I have extra time I donate it to my car.

    Tell you what Laser you post up why you ruined your azure blue cobra with those fugly racing stripes and Ill take a picture of the penny when I get time.

    Seriously you could have gotten a mustang GT to experiment with that ****, not a limited production iconic car like you got. You make me want to sell the mustang, just cause of **** like you and other mustang owners do, pure rice.
  2. Galv--which other local sites are you from? :shrug:
  3. ls1tech, mach1registry what do you care?
  4. deftsound I have always liked the clean lines and look of your car! You know, I had 255/40's on my car BEFORE THE SPRINGS and it made the 4x4 look ridiculous, lol...yours looks fine though with the drop.

  5. *plays volin*

  6. He bought the car that way...

    Putting stripes on a Terminator is no worse than swapping pullies, porting the blower, chaning the gears, IRS to Solid Axl swap... each one takes away from the origionality of the car. Some people buy them to keep them in 100% origional condition to make a profit years later, some people buy them to use them to their fullest potential.

    Not trying to be a dick, but since your still online now is a good time to take pics of the Mach to put this thread at rest...:)
  7. Was curious if you were on some of the local boards such as htownracing/xplicitperf/wsm/etc.
  8. Negative.
    Pretty sure his thread was about adding them:nice:

  9. Ooops, your right. I stand corrected.

    It doesnt matter either way though, I dont think its rice.

    My GT has hood stripes... it actually came from the factory that way, but someone removed them... I put them back on...:nice:
  10. I personally think it looks good, though everyone has their own taste :nice:
  11. *learns how to spell*
  12. Ok this may be a stupid question but whats the significance of the penny on the Mach 1 shaker? Why is it such a big deal :shrug: ?
  13. Its mainly between him and Lazer,Galveston came on here as a new poster,lazer said he's being a ****,galveston said he owns a blue Mach,lazer doesnt beleive him(either cuz the guy is being an A** or its really Deft screwing with Lazer..:notnice: :shrug: ),so lazer said to prove his smack talk take a pic of his Mach w/ a penny on the shaker(would be hard to google a pic of a blue Mach with a penny on shaker).....galveston hasnt provided the pic yet,so I guesss its :bs:
  14. Oooooooooooooohhhh:eek:
  15. Yeah hes :bs: But i like to play :D Galveston its like this. The car was heavily modded when my father bought it. I bought him his nav system and a bunch of other odds and ends. He is dying and loves the car. He wanted stripes so I bought him some. The car is in my name as is the insurance, id MUCH rather have my father but I will forever keep the Termi the way it is as a memory to him when he passes. Which I hope the car is an antique by that time.

    The color is Sonic not Azure. :nonono: Prolly think my 96 Cobra is wild strawberry or something :shrug:

    And being that my 96 is number 8 in my Mustang collection ive had I have modded many of them.
    *still waits for picture*
    You are one of thoes guys that thinks a SRT-4 isnt a neon eaither huh? :rlaugh:

    Im tired of this guy, Fullit you wana take over? Or call Doc and let him have some fun :nice:
  16. Its not that hard to find a pic of a blue Mach with a penny on the shaker. matter of fact this 1 has some other change on it too....LOL!!!

    View attachment 320579
    :rlaugh: :jaw:

    Just kidding.... Its a pic of my Mach. I felt this thread was getting a little out of hand & I thought I would lighten it up a little....

  17. Man really sorry to hear that.I dont know what I would do.I do hope its an antique by then,and knowing that,that Termi would never leave my possesion.Hope everything works out,And the best of wishes to you and your dad.
  19. I didnt see this post until after my last post. Sorry to hear about your father. I hope all goes well & he gets to enjoy his Termi for a long time...
  20. Nevermind...I see photoshop at work,didnt catch that at first...:rlaugh: