Claybar'd/Waxed the GT, come look!

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  2. Nice job Epik, bonus round goes to you :D
    Thanks guys :D It has helped meeting alot of people on here then going to hang out. He gets all excited before a get together and hes like a kid again :nice: I dont question it I just try to make it happen :banana:

    I think I killed my last two brain cells holding my breath :(
  3. Wheres Deft :scratch:
  4. who gibs a damn if your termi has stripes, it's a TERMI lol to each his own, and galvestonpusha is just being a douche nozzle :rolleyes: and I'll probably get flamed for that, but I call it as i see it :flag:

    mental image.....

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  5. No deft, no pics of said Mach... wtfxorz guys, I think were getting hosed.
  6. Guess ill take that wet noodle beating now :(
  7. :lol: who are you? I just got back from beign gone for 2 days and noticed all the drama going on here, if it was me who was driving like that i apologize, i usually dont drive like that, every now and then I can't help it though... maybe you were mistaken. On the other hand if you have a problem with me I think we should discuss it in person rather than acting like children and you bashing me over the web. I truly hope you talk this way to me in person but your probably just a little bitch with an inferiority complex making up bull**** that's not true. Whatever though...:shrug: I'll be the bigger man here and walk away...

    By the way, captains landing is an apartment complex...what were you doing? Playing with your kid by the road outside of the gated complex? I call serious bull**** here....

    Oh and again i appreciate all the compliments!
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I bet you're one of those mexicans i see driving around galveston in a v6 with altezza's
  9. :lol: thats my friends cobra, and its pullied, dynoed at 450 rwhp...

    and as far as the mach, its got a full racing suspension including coil-overs and a tubular k member, has full bolt-ons including lt headers and dynoed at 325rwhp...should have won the race but oh well...after-all it was the third race, i blame it on heatsoak

    oh and by the way, i have NEVER seen a blue mach 1 by HEB...
  10. Ok guys i got to the bottom of this, ignore galvestonpusha its one of my buddies from real life, i guess i shouldnt have linked this thread to him :lol:

    By the way he drives an 01 trans am that i beat stock when he had h/c/i

    talk about a bad driver :lol: ill try to find the video

  11. I knew something smelled like fish in this thread.

    Maybe he really just wants a Mustang?
  12. Guess I shouldnt of been so easy on hem :nonono:

    Deft, you fired....get out :fuss:

  13. :lol:
  14. classic stangnet
  15. actually it dynoed at 300rwhp ;) (it's mine)