Cleaned The Muck Off My Wheels...better!

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  1. So, I spent a few hours cleaning my wheels this weekend. What a difference. photo 7.JPG photo 9.JPG photo 14.JPG photo 6.JPG photo 5.JPG photo 10.JPG photo 11.JPG photo 12.JPG photo 13.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 7.JPG
    photo 9.JPG photo 14.JPG photo 6.JPG
    The chrome had some muck stuck to it that didn't come off with regular washing of the car. Used some chrome cleaner and elbow grease and the majority of it came off as the close ups show.
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  2. I just finished polishing my wheels last night. I didn't take them off the car so they're not as clean as yours on the inside.


    It was literally 10:30-11:00 when I popped the inserts back in so sorry for the dark picture.
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  3. what did you clean the brake dust off with??? Lookin good man!!

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  5. I do the same exact thing - I use wheel cleaner (whatever is on sale) and some S.O.S pads for the gunk (backs only) - I usually detail out the suspension (with brushes and engine degreaser red 3M for the rust on rotors ) - since I popped the rims off - my stock rims are 'polished' not chrome so I wax / buff them on a flat table -
    200474_4164689487746_2001601849_n.jpg 320951_4164690647775_840322309_n.jpg
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