Cleaning 02 Sensors

White Wolf

Dec 10, 2018
Las Vegas NV
I wanted to put this out there in hopes to help someone else who may have their car running poorly. For the past month my V6 has not been happy. I tried a number of things as suggestions from others. I appreciated that input but none of them made much difference.

Finally someone suggested to put new plugs in. At 57,000 I was hesitant but ordered a new set from Brisk Silver Racing Plugs. Installed those and at the same time took out the front 02 sensors. Cleaned them with Carb Cleaner and Scotch Brite Pad. Sprayed the heck out of those little holes with the plastic straw the can comes with.

Reinstalled the 02 Fronts plus new plugs and BOOM. My car is running as strong as it ever has. Idles beautiful. Right on the power when I hammer it. Roasted 305's right down the street. Everything is perfect now.

What have I learned? New plugs every 25,000 and I am cleaning those sensors every 10,000 miles.

If your car is running poorly please try the new plugs and 02 cleaning. Best of luck.
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