Cleaning 1965 white interior


New Member
May 4, 2019
Troy Alabama
I have a 1965 base sedan blue with white interior. It has an older refurbished interior. The vinyl was really dirty and I vacillated between replacing or cleaning. After finding out the replacement vinyl was only a couple hundred bucks, I decided to try to clean it. The worst that could happen is that the seams would fail and I would have to replace it. The off the shelf cleaners were worthless so I went online and found you could use water and bleach half and half. Actually that worked pretty well with a lot of elbow grease and a toothbrush and a fingernail brush. But not as good as I had hoped and I worried about the bleach deteriorating the seams. Then I tried Fast Orange hand cleaner with pumice. I used the stiff brushed mentioned before and then removed the hand cleaner by using an off the shelf cleaner. It worked well enough that I have decided that the upholstery replacement could wait awhile. Not perfect but a lot better. Also took off upholstery glue overspray. So far the seams are OK. Both the Fast Orange and the commercial cleaner are water based. FYI


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