Cleaning And Maintaining Questions

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  1. I've got some real bad dirt and grime build up on my steering wheel, e-brake handle and shifter. I'm really not sure as to what I should use to clean that off. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Also, what is a good product to help protect it from future build up? I'd really appreciate it.
  2. The best thing I found to get that off is the spray can glass cleaner made by Cougar Chemical company. It works great but I work in a bodyshop so its always available to me. You can go to a Chevrolet dealership and buy a can of their glass cleaner and its pretty much the same stuff. Its just called GM Glass Cleaner. I noticed you were in Utah. I live in Tennessee but my wife is from Richfield Utah. We fly out there 4 or 5 times a year and plan on moving out there. I love it out there.
  3. get a product like meguairs interior spray or anything that is a "dressing" so to speak. In other words the thick white interior cleaners. Avoid armor all though.

    Spray it on VERY liberally and allow to soak. Then I suggest getting a brillow/scotch pad in the least abrasive kind, which I believe to be white. Do not rub severely, but gently with pressure. Better safe than sorry.

    Guaranteed this will solve your problem and your old grimy interior will look new when done. The upside to this method is you're using chemicals designed for interior trim so it does not dry it out, rather it cleans to like new status and conditions all at the same time :nice:

    Edit: because you apply the dressing so liberally to allow soaking, you'll want a rag there to pick up the excess, which will contain the nasty old skin cells and dirt you're wiping away.
  4. dont use a brillow pad my dads friend did that and it messed up his dash
    use dawn dish soap and a sponge and then apply lots of interior protectant to get it shiny again
  5. Thanks guys! I actually ended up using a pre-treated microfiber cloth and it cleaned it right up. It looks better than new! I did have another question for you nice folks, though. My rims are prone to build up from brake dust, especially my driver's side front. For the most part, I can clean them up with the same stuff I clean my car with. There are, however, patches of pitted areas that retain the dust. Are there any good household/store-bought products that can effectively remove that and get them to shine nice and purdy-like?