Cleaning Convertible Top

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  1. still kind of new to the whole convertible top and not familiar with the proper way to clean it. it has a couple of sauna I'd like to get removed. a friend told me to armor all it so it looks juicy but not sure if it'll actually clean the top. also seen some products at local shops but not sure what's the best. any help thanks
  2. If it is vinyl and has mildew on it . 20% bleach 80% water then wash with car wash soap to get all the bleach off.
    If cloth DON'T use bleach. Use Raggtopp.

    Raggtopp is a good product but expensive.
  3. I tried Armor All on mine in a small spot and it didn't work too good. So I got a brush and some hot soapy water and I scrubbed the chit out of it. It looks a lot better now. Mine is vinyl by the way.