Cleaning my interrior really good

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  1. Pulled my pass side seat and center console and started scrubbing and scrubbing on the carpet to get the stains out. Got some armorall carpet cleaner from the car section at wally world and it worked pretty good. Some of the big stains are still there, but very faint and I think they'll come out tomorrow when I go back over them. Anyways... heres a pic. The color of the carpet got a little brighter than it was too... Drivers side tomorrow maybe.

  2. nice, i need to do that to mine
  3. i think you should get black seats and carpet but if thats not possible then clean those seats real good
  4. ditto
  5. That's pro dude...
    i applaud your efforts for doing that.
    I want to, but am way too afraid of what I might find...
    probably a pack of gum, my deck remote, and maybe some chick's phone #...

    on second thought, maybe i will take my seats off to clean them :D
  6. :lol: funny you say that. I found the girls drivers license who used to own the car before me inside the center console :D too bad she wasnt hot :notnice: or I would have given her a call :lol:

    carpet stays, would like black seats but dont want to spend abunch of money on new ones when mine are just fine.
  7. I used to have red carpet in my 90 S10 Blazer (sold), that carpet was a bitch to keep up to my standards. I definitely love the lower maintainence of the black carpet in my stang :nice:
  8. Cool I jsut did the same this morning with oxyclean.

    OT Question for you:Is your computer/tweecer back in the kickpanel on the passenger side? How did you get it back in there if it is?
  9. yes its in there... Some say you have to take out that plastic thing that holds it in, but I just bent it back and slid the EEC back up in place.
  10. when i did my carpet in my 94 i had everything removed like u and just took the carpet out way eiaser