Cleaning surface where heads meet block...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by IndyBlk5.0, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. What is the best way to clean the surface of the block where the heads meet? I was thinking about using a bit that is a rotary light wire brush and going at it, but i dont want to damage my block, so what should i use?
  2. I use the old razor blade and go to town on it... Wire brush will have little bits of metal flying everywhere and are bound to end up in the motor...
  3. thanks perky! i always like hearing from you!!! :nice: off to town i go. I tryed the wire brush for a few seconds and saw it was going to throw metal shavings all over the place, i got allitle in one of my water ports, thanks
  4. Body shop style fine sandpaper with a block works good after you get the bulk of with a putty knife or razor. Dont use wood sand paper!!! But be gentle! they don't like it rough......
  5. For the first pass I use one of the rubber gasket removers on a rotary tool; for final clean up a very fine emery cloth or sand paper (1200 grit) lubed with some wd40. The oil traps all the particles so you can just wipe it off with a shop rag, so spray it in the cylinders as well. They can be wiped down afterwards too. Of course, cover as much of the rest of the block (the parts you aren't working on) as you can to keep debris out.
  6. i have even had decent luck with a scotchbrite pad. dont know if that is bad or not (dont see how it would be).
  7. I used a scotchbrite pad myself and it worked fine. No complaints here works like a gem!
  8. where can i get that 1200 grit sand paper?
  9. I get that and 1500 grit at Home Depot or Lowes. It's also perfect for lightly polishing cams and cranks using oil as a lubricant, and just lightly going over things. Don't want to remove too much material. Cut it into long strips, wrap it around a lobe or journal, and wrap a leather boot lace around it so you can pull it back and forth. Works great.
  10. thanks mike, your always helpin
  11. alls i could find is 2000 grit i hope that is good enough
  12. That'll work - make things nice and smooth; it'll just take a bit longer.
  13. Walmart has fine sandpaper int he automotive section, where they have auto paints
  14. may take a little more work, but conservative is good, IMHO.