Clear Corners

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  1. Hey guys how yall doing?

    excited bout sema I hope... I'm just impressed how no one has clear corners... have they not being invented yet? I was hoping to bring clear corners home from sema this year but no luck.... anyone has a word on this???
  2. For what? Aren't the lights round? :scratch:
  3. Nope, haven't seen any either. Bound to happen sometime though.....
  4. what are Clear Corners???
  5. Clear blinker covers, instead of the amber color. I've been waiting for these for some time, as well.
  6. has anybody try a diferent approach??? say trying to scrape off the ambar??? just a thought
  7. Before i bought my stang that was goin to be my first mod( hate the stock ones) but i guess no1 is making them yet
  8. Shouldn't be too hard to fab one. Remove the amber lens from the housing, fasten flexible plexiglass to the bumper or blinker housing, and tada. I just don't want to mess around with a brand new blinker lens just yet. :)
  9. Dont put that junk on your nice car. Total RICE!!!!! and it looks retarded
  10. i dont think clear will look right on this car. it wont go with the retro look, it will make it ricey. clear corners and ricetezzas on a mustang?!:notnice: :bang: :nono:

  11. * impossible! the color goes "clear" through :rlaugh:
  12. Altezzas = rice, ok. Clear signals? Do chrome superchargers and intercoolers get lumped into the chrome 22" spinner rims? Do we have to keep it retro if we weren't even alive back in '69? Or do we all just have to style our stangs like you style yours?

    Must be Rice
    Must be Rice
    Must be Rice
    Oh, scissor doors, must me RICE!!
    Huge wing, must be RICE

    Believe it or not, there are no clear cut rules for rice, because it comes down to art. There's some really really really ugly rice out there. So long as you follow the general guidelines of art, you should be able to avoid that. And there's no artistic no-no's in simply changing the color of something to a neutral tone. You might want to reconsider all those other sweet nothings your boyfriend's been whispering into your ear if you're caught up on something as simple as this...

    On a side note, can someone please tell me what THIS hottness is? It's got a two-tone paint job, so you rice judges might not approve...
  13. Just because someone put something on their car which u dont like doesn´t mean he is ricin´ out his ride!!!.... A true artist, in this case car artist, learns to apreciate every tipo of illustration or art.....

    Besides.... in car customization is all about theme..... my stang is black and all you can see as non-black are the front lights(including fog lights) and the mustang emblem.... the ambar corners are WAAYYYY out of place with my cars theme.....


  14. 'Rice' is like Pornography = / = you'll know it when you see it ..... :SNSign:

    (with apologies to former Chief Justice Earl Warren)
  15. Agreed.
  16. COOL! Head up to Pep Boys and get some more fine art for your rig:rlaugh:

    Sorry! but it does not look good on ANY car.crapola

  17. Then I guess it's a good thing I'm not trying to get into your pants. :rolleyes:

    But seriously, everyone has their own opinion. I'd just like to see more options open, but they'll come with time.
  18. Nothing wrong with clear front signals. I was kind of wondering when they would be available myself I think they will clean up the front of my wifes silver GT nicely.
  19. Amber looks fine on red cars, even mineral. But most grey-scale cars benefit from clear lenses. I personally would go tinted clear blinker lenses up front, and dark tinted red in back.