Clear Corners

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  1. So what your saying is tha you dont really like them either............:rlaugh:

    It is YOUR car and you can do with it what you please, even if it makes you look like a 16 year old driving an 86 civic.;)
  2. Different applications for different cars. Clear lenses would look great on a white or grey car. On a black car, clear lenses might cause too much contrast, so you limit that by tinting them. I don't favor clear lenses for the brake/tail lights, although a dark-tinted clear third brake light would probably look very good.

    It's your mind and you can say whatever you like, even if you sound like a 12 year old with a hard-on.
  3. I bought smoke tint from StickerCity for mine. I like it better than amber:


  4. :lol:
  5. I think the clear ones are illegal and you can be fined if you have them installed.
  6. this is incorrect. they ARE STREET LEGAL IF:

    you have the proper color bulb installed for the application. in the front, you cant have red or blue showing. in the rear, you cant have a white light shining. for the front, use an amber bulb and it will be legal. the color of the lens does not matter, its the color of the light emitted from the light. (now if you have a blue lens, then its obviously illegal) those ricers you see with blue bulbs in their turn signals are in violation of the law. period. if you have the proper color showing to the world, then you dont have a problem. it is when you alter the color of the light that you have a problem.
  7. That is absolutely correct. My Crown Vic has clear front running lights/turn signal lenses from the factory. The bulb is amber.
  8. I guess the really question is. All you who say they are "ricey". What mods do you have on your cars? If we make general assumptions about what is rice. Then clearly the following applies. Since all are things that ricers do.
    1. Larger Exhaust. We all know ricers enjoy their large exhausts that make the car sound much louder than stock.
    2. Racing Seats. We all know they install racing seats.
    3. Turbo. Everyone knows that is what they do when they want more power.
    4. Tinted windows. Who doesn't know a ricer with this done to their car?
    5. Aftermarket hood. Has anyone seen a ricer without one of these?
    Do I really need to go on. Since technically any mod can be called "ricey".
  9. I think ricey stuff can be defined as:
    Anything that can be bought and passed of as a major mod that is under $39.99 at PEP Boys, such as universal side splitters, muffler tips, fake side vent's, anything with asian letters on it, neon valve stem caps, light up winsheild washer nozzles, colered windsheild wipers, anything that is glue or stick on,and of course, Altezza's.

    But the majority of people throwing the "rice" term around are older gents that are afraid of something different.
  10. ahhh, I'm not afraid of 'ricey' crap (even though I am an older gent),

    >>> just as long as the rice crap stays on the Rice-mobiles.
  11. Personally I would define "Rice" as cheap looking. It doesn't neccessarily have to be a cheap mod. Just look cheap.
  12. rice is when it is not tastefully done and does not go with the look/style of the car.
  13. Dude, do you seriously just return and post here to make dumb asshat posts that are meant to offend/hurt others?


  14. There is no clear-cut definition for rice; you just know it when you see it. Many good examples above, though. Here's a few that may not be rice, but fugly nonetheless.

    Chevy/Ford logos covering the entire rear windshield
    Fear This stickers
    Calvin Pissin' stickers (this has gotten really really old)
    Japanese characters on a Neon
    Aftermarket manufacturer stickers slapped all over a stock Galant
    The new Eclipse
    2 inches of ground clearance on stock shocks
    Spinners (yay)
    Bass (There's a reason 50 cent got shot in the face six times...)
    fwd 'racecars'

    Thank you...that is all...
  15. That stang looks amazing. I didn't care for that color until I saw your car. I'm almost tempted to order my GT in that color now.
  16. mineral gray is gorgeous. Didn't realize it's beauty until after I got mine. Still, I'm glad I got black, so seksy....
  17. if the markers/signal lamp housings can be taken apart and have a removeable colored lense, take that out and then if you want to add a clear lense that will disperse the light, use some lense material for flourescent overhead lamps from Hone Depot. They sell them in 2' x 2' sheets for a few dollars. You can use a dremel or scroll saw to cut to shape, glue in place, reseal/glue housing, done.

    I made a set of clear corners for my Turbo Buick this way and it looked very good. I think the clear markers/signals look especially good with light colored cars, particularly white & silver.
  18. Didnt you do a write up on valve caps......................and I'm an asshat:rlaugh:
  19. I have a friend who mixes a touch of black paint into clear. He sprays it onto the lenses and it looks really nice.

    If you have the equipment and want tinted lenses I think thats the way to go.