Clear Corners

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  1. I wouldn't do anything that will lessen the briteness of the lights such as paint or tint IMO.
    Blue would be cool on mine tho.

  2. Incorrect again. Regardless of color, the lense MUST be DOT approved. I have never seen an aftermarket clear lense that replaces a amber or red one that is DOT approved.
  3. where is the disclaimer when you buy them then? how do they pass inspection? have you seen anyone get a ticket for improper lens color? no, they get tickets for improper lighting display or some legal term like that. its for the color, not the lens.
  4. heres one description i found about the clear corners:

  5. "these lenses are completely street legal - check local laws"

    If it doesnt say DOT on them then they dont meet Federal requirements. Every single state follows the Federal requirements.

    And about those tickets:

    Ever been to Virginia?

    Virginia enforces the vehicle code to the letter. I lived there 3 years. I know people who got tickets for tint, clear corners, exhaust noise, car to low to the ground, ect. This wasnt one guy I know who got a ticket, this was multiple people who paid out the butt for BS tickets. Thats how many States and Cities get thier revenue, traffic tickets. Its free money.

    Anyone who is going to alter or remove a piece of safety equipment should check thier local laws before doing so.

    What if: What if you get in an accident and your car is found to be altered in an unsafe (according to the law) manner?

    You will get sued. Thats what if.

    I will say it again. I have never seen an aftermarket clear lenses that replaces an orange or red lense that has a DOT number on it. Absence of that DOT number makes it illegal in all 50 states. Period.
  6. I resemble that remark! I remember when the really cool wings came on Mach 1s and Mopars, Richard Petty even drove a car with a wing! Rice just stole stuff from the old days!
  7. Dont you mean 'resent'? :D

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  9. I really should post another thread about a valve cap install. Everybody loved that thread. :)

  10. I agree, Dan. :rlaugh: Your technical prowess makes me dithered. :p Maybe we could get it stickied in the Technical Write-ups forum.:nice:


  11. I love it when you talk dirty........

    Just for the record, I don't know anything about the legality of clears (not referring to the lights, just the covers) nor do I care if some people consider them "rice".......if I like them, I like them and will get them. If you like them, get them. If you don't like them, don't get them. Nuff said.
  12. The funny thing is... I havent gotten into deeper detail about a project of mine than that tire valve cap install guide.

    I've had more "firsts" with this car than others and I like to make the public aware of any issues that exist with a given project and offer decent "how-to" threads that inform.

    Im still a bit upset how the admins had governed my threads and posts in the past but I have noticed Jenn taking better control where it was lacking with the others. IMO, The forum needed the fresh, sexy, meat. :p

    With that stated, maybe I will pick up my very technical posts (here) yet again as more projects come my way.

  13. yeah, were have been missing all the action here. not even anything about the spark plug problems you had :(
  14. Must be all the man meat running you fellas off. :)

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  16. You guys can't even decide what it is you want...:nonono: .......... [​IMG]

    Here are your options...:ZipIt:

    Stock Amber Turn Signals (Amber Plastic with White Bulbs)

    Stock Amber Turn Signals and Yellow Fog Lights

    Clear Turn Signals with Illegal Clear Reflector (Amber Bulbs)

    Clear Turn Signals with Illegal Clear Reflector (Silverstar Amber Bulbs)

    Clear Turn Signals with Legal Amber Reflector (Amber Bulbs)

    Clear Turn Signals with Legal Amber Reflector (Silverstar Bulbs)
  17. Henceforward!! I still can't decide what it is I want!! Please tell me what it is I want!!

    Does everybody here travel at 54mph on the highway?
  18. ok wise guy, how about telling us where yo can buy these lenses then???
  19. You can't purchase them anywhere.

    I made the images on Photoshop. :nice:
  20. Hey Hence.... Will you do me the honor of a PM, Sir?

    Thank You.