Clear Dimond Cobra Head lights

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  1. Anyone have any pics of how these lights look at night w/ your head lights on? Ive seen alot of pics of them in the day time but none at night yet. I just bought a Set of Clear side markers and Dimmond head lights off ebay, all together for both and w/ shipping it came to about $150, cant belive some people are paying up to and over $200 for them in the mags.
  2. [​IMG]

    Not totally dark out, but you get the idea.
  3. Bump, I'd like to see some pics as well. Striped5.0 - Who did you get yours from? How is the quality on them? I've put off buying a set of headlights and clear corners from eBay because I've heard of leaking problems.
  4. Not only leaking, but fit and quality as well. Alot of the products sold there are junk, :notnice:
  5. I bought my headlights for $108 off of ebay and my clear corners for $20. Nothing leaks and everything fits fine. HOWEVER, the rubber stripping around the corners in starting to come off, but for $20, what can you really expect:shrug: ? Overall, Im happy with my purchase, and If I had to spend another $20 for the corners, it wouldn't bother me too much.
  6. I bought mine off eBay, and I haven't had any problems. Before I installed them, I ran a bead of clear silicone around all the edges, to make sure leaking would not become an issue.


  7. Looks sweet :nice:
  8. Those lights would be a killer deal but the $30 shipping is getting RAPED!!!. I hate when people do that on Ebay. They make up what they dont sell the product for with shipping....
  9. I bought mine off of ebay and the only problem that I have had is the rubber piece on the side markers are to wide and are coming off. So this weekend I will be replacing the rubber with my stock rubber pieces. A little Gorilla snot and it will be an easy fix. I can see A LOT better at night too. And they look good. :flag:

  10. Yeah I agree, $30 shipping is a rip off but I still only paid $150 total for the headlights and side markers w/ all shipping included, thats alot better then $200-$300 that Ive seen some of these lights being sold for in magaizine ads and on websites

  11. The prices that ads and sites have are absolutely rediculous. I remember seeing one add where 1 side for a cobra headlight was $20 more than I paid for both :notnice: .
  12. are these light different than stock cobras lookswise? b/c thats what i'm planning on getting.
  13. Slightly. The OEM Cobra headlights are clear across the middle, with tiny horizontal lines, but have a refraction lens around the edge. The aftermarket clear ones are clear across the entire face, and some of them don't have the tiny horizontal lines either. Hard to describe, easy to point out if you look at them side-by-side.

  14. Just like he said. Mine are totally clear, without any lines. Heres a picture with a stock headlight.

  15. yeah Dave is right....the Cobra clears are clear but have thin lines running across the headlight (only like 4 or so)....the diamond ones are TOTALLY clear with ZERO lines...the smoked ones being sold, same as diamond, and Procarparts black housing headlights are like the Cobras....and well us to be fortunate enough to be blessed with cosmetic wonders that are stock GT headlights...we surley have the best of them all :canflag: :bang:

  16. i was just thinking that the official cobras might be better quality??????????????

  17. Some of the ones on Ebay have been lower quality and have been known to leak and then again some people have no problems at all. Buying the ones off Ebay is ALOT Cheaper and w/ a simple bead of silcone for added protection you dont have to worry about them leaking.
  18. :nice: