Cleveland And The Lsx

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  1. My buddy just finished building a cleveland. And I currently in the middle of my ls2 build. All I'm missing is my heads and cam. He has a set of 4v cleveland heads that he said he would give me for a case of beer.
    Now I've been reading that LS1 heads will fit on a cleveland block. But will cleveland 4v heads fit on an LS block??
    I know I'll have to have a custom cam since LS is ei/ei/ei/ei and the cleveland is ie/ie/ie/ie.. If this cleveland head on lsx block combo is possible what else would I have to have custom made?
  2. You would be way ahead in both power and money to put L92 heads on it. They will outflow the 40 year old stuff by a lot. Especially at low to mid lift. They are also very light.
  3. L92 will flow somewhere in the 325-330 range at .600 lift.. I've heard of cleveland heads flowing just as close. Yes maybe a little less and probably heavier. Which is nothing nitrous cant take care of lol. But canted valves. YES PLEASE!! Reving to 8500 should be a dream come true and easily done if this setup is even remotely possible..
    I'm searching for knowledge to see if anyone would know if I needed anything more than a custom cam and a LS2 truck intake?
  4. You think an LS2 intake will bolt up to cleveland heads?
  5. I would t see why it wouldnt fit with a little port work.. The LSx motors were mocked from the cleveland motor. Everything I have seen is basically exactly the same minus the valve order, canted valves on the cleveland heads, and the swap of the 8 and 3 cylinder firing order.