Clicking In Rear End While Turning And Now When Taking Off.

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  1. This started a few months ago. When I made a left turn I would hear a noise similar to something sliding across the trunk. Has become more clear that something in the rear is clicking when I turned. For the first time yesterday, it did it when I took off from a light. Now, it does not do it every time but it sounds like something is getting chewed up.

    I took the wheels off the ground yesterday. There was no excessive play (up and down) from the rear axles. They spun freely and didn't hear anything while spinning them. While under the pumpkin I could hear a clunk when engaging the driveshaft. Sounded more like it was coming from inside the pumpkin but not like the clicking noise I have been hearing. Wondering if clutch packs are gone? Don't think it is the axle bearings.

    A little history on the car. When I got it the rear was leaking (4-5 years ago). That was fixed right away and no other issues. Recently replaced rear brakes. No issues there and no noise when brakes are engaged.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Sounds like your problem is the Traction LOK limited slip differential.
    Could also be worn teeth on the ring & pinion.
  3. Awesome. I am guessing when the clutches fail it causes the clicking noises as well? I plan on putting it back up on stands and checking the rest of the suspension as well. But, I was leaning toward this. I guess it is time for the 3.55's I have had sitting in the garage for years to go in.