Clicking Noise Coming From Clutch?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93tealstang, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Recently, my clutch has started making a clicking noise. It's coming from under the dash and behind the clutch where a spring housing type of thing is. I can reach under and manually move the spring but I can get anything to come loose. Is there somehow to replace this spring or else lubricate it?
  2. I have the same problem sometimes when I'm in nuetral with my foot off the clutch. When the moise occurrs I just adjust my firewall adjuster and the noise goes away. My guess is that the pressure plate is not fully releasing off of the flywheel because my cable is adjusted too tight. But I'll take any other explaination seeing as I've had a bunch of clutch problems recently.
  3. Mine only occures when depressing the clutch. It's getting real annoying.
  4. Sounds like the throwout-bearing to me. Was the input shaft greased the last time a clutch was put in? A lot of people forget to do that.
  5. I had my mechanic hear it and he said it wasn't the throwout bearing. It's coming from a spring or something that's connected to the backside of the clutch.
  6. Anyone know what I'm talking about here?
  7. Sorry man but would like to know about that litte clicling or almost ticking(not lifters or exaust).Sounds like its coming from the tranny motor area?????Not when the clutch i depressed but atb idle or low rpm's Cant hear it when i rev it but it still may be there?I have a centerforce stage 2 and a 91 T-5.The cenetforce has about 1000 miles on it,but no adjuster just the stock cable.Should i replace this?And what else to look for.
  8. I take it no one on here has ever looked under the drivers' side dash and has no idea what I'm talking about??
  9. Is it a click or a pedal vibrate?

    I have the Centerforce dual friction and my pedal used sound like a rattle snake. It went away after I put on aluminum pedals. don't know why though. :shrug:

    There was also a click noise when I depressed the clutch pedal. that turned out to be the cable in the aluminum cable guide by the pedal. It wound up popping.
  10. sounds like your clutch quadrant, do you have a stock assembley or aftermarket,if you have a stock one switch to the aftermarket set up.
  11. Yeah, sounds like the stock quadrant blues. It's either adjusted as far as it'll stretch and needs more, or it just needs to be adjusted and hasn't been for a long time. If it has a spring on it, sure as $#it it's the stock crap, just take it out and put a good billet one in there with a firewall adjuster.