Clicking Sound from Steering Wheel While Turning the Steering Wheel on my 2001 GT

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  1. I noticed that there is a single or a double clicking sound that comes from the steering wheel while I sometimes turn the steering wheel while I am driving or while the car is stationary or when I am getting ready to accelerate. It occurs ONLY when I turn the steering wheel. This sound is not there all the time, but when I do hear it, it only lasts for 1 second and then it goes away right away. It sounds exactly just like the click sound that you get when you turn the keys in the ignition to start or to turn off the engine on the car or the click sound that you get while turning the steering wheel exactly at the time when you unlock the ignition with the keys. It sounds like a very quick click.
    Does anybody in here know what causes this click that I hear to occur? The steering wheel works fine and nothing seems to be loose. My car is a 2001 Ford Mustang GT with only 5,300 original miles on it.
  2. not to be a smart azz but does it do it when you have your blinker on?
  3. It happens without the blinker on, but it's the same exact click sound that the steering wheel makes when you turn the steering wheel when the blinker is on.
    It occurs for only 1 second or 2 seconds at the most ONLY when I turn the wheel and it happens only once in a while.
    Do you think that the bolts are loose inside the steering wheel or inside the steering rack??
  4. I know what your talking about, for me it happens when its stationary and it does it once, for example if I start my car in the garage and turn the wheel, it clicks once, and wont do it again for the rest of day. so idk...
  5. I had the same problem with my 03 gt about a month ago. My mechanic replaced the steering rack bushings and haven't had a problem since.
  6. could possibly be your clock spring... do you have an Air bag light on? and where is the noise located directly in the column or u just feel it in the wheel?
  7. It sounds like it's coming from somewhere behind the steering wheel or from the steering wheel itself. I definitely cannot feel the click sound and I don't hear this click sound all the time. But when I do hear it, it clicks only once and then it goes away. I might not hear the click again for a day or two when I drive my GT. Then it comes back again and it clicks only once and it goes away again.
    And YES, the Air Bag light is okay. It doesn't go on while the engine is running or while I am driving.
  8. Update:
    I heard the click sound again today for only 1 second while I turned the steering wheel when I was driving my GT. I think that it's coming from the inside part of the left side of the steering wheel where the turn signal arm is located. The click occurred ONLY once and ONLY for a split second. What's causing the click? Is the internal part of the turn signal arm on my steering wheel moving or catching against something inside the steering wheel when I turn the steering wheel causing the 1 second click sound to occur?
  9. i would personally pull the steering column covers and check for interference possible between the clock spring(black round thing behind the steering wheel) and the multifunction switch(turn signal arm/switch assy)... as well as check any other components in there to see if they are loose...
  10. i have the same issue in my 2001 GT. how much are steering rack bushings?
  11. There is a TSB for steering rack bushing replacement for a clunk noise when turning the steering wheel, don't think this is your problem. I've replaced rack bushings on a couple mustangs where I work for this clunking noise. It is loud, and comes from the front suspension, outside the car, your concern is with the steering wheel.

    I had the same problem with mine. If its the same concern I had, it sounds like a peice of plastic rattling around inside the wheel. Fortunetly for me, it went away right before I was about to take the wheel apart. However, I WAS going to take the air bag out, as well as the clockspring and LIGHTLY blow any dust or debris with a can of air (for keyboards) and see if it made a difference. Try it, let me know if it works for you. Make sure you DISABLE the air bags before doing ANYTHING. If you're not comfortable with this, take it to the dealership.
  12. Clock Spring

  13. I have the big clunk in the front suspension. Not to hijack thread but how did you replace the front rack bushings.

  14. does your cruse control work?

    Mine just started making this sound and now the cruse control dosn't work :shrug:
  15. 100% sure that is a clockspring.
  16. nvm didn't read it close enough
  17. What's the clockspring look like and exactly in which location inside the steering column is it located at? Do you have any pictures of the clockspring or any teardown pictures of the steering column so I can see what it looks like?
  18. Venom diagnosed -clockspring- because the previous poster reported his ccuise control stopped working. If your horn and cruise control work OK, and your air bag light is off, your clockspring is OK. The "clockspring" is not literally a spring. It is a long flexible printed circuit board connecting the steering wheel controls and driver air bag igniter that happens to resemble the mainspring in a mechanical clock or watch.

    I don't see how the clockspring could make the knid of noise you describe. More likely, the grease applied at the factory to your turn signal cancelling mechanism has dried up because the car has not been driven much. Lightly grasp the turn signal lever shaft between thunb and index finger and see if you can feel a light mechanical shock coincident with the click sound.