Clicking under dash

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  1. Along with my previous post, I have a clicking noise that sounds like it's coming from under the dash when I'm coming to a stop. It only happens when I am doing about 5-10 mph and when I'm applying the brake. It stops making the noise right before my car stops. My friend said it may be from the master cylinder.
    I don't think it's the ABS because when it snows I know how that feels and sounds. Any ideas?
  2. Actually I just had to replace my master cylinder. My symptoms were the more common ones - pedal slowly creeping toward the floor while sitting stopped with the brakes applied. I don't recall a clicking noise. If the pedal feels firm and consistent during breaking and sitting still than I'm pretty sure your master cylinder is good. It may be a problem with the front brakes themselves - pads need to be replaced or rotors need to be cut. A much simpler job than a master cylinder. I'm sure your dad can check and change the pads if needed, and the rotors come off pretty easy and can be cut at most auto shops - just call ahead and make sure
  3. Thanks for your help but I think it might have something to do with the ABS system. It's a steady clicking noise and gets louder when I press harder on the brake.
  4. Hello Pony/girl,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service, and I recommend you have your vehicle diagnosed at your Ford dealer. Your Service Manager is in the best position to look into this for you. He can check into any assistance, Recalls, or Customer Satisfaction Programs that may apply to your vehicle. Let me know the outcome.

  5. welcome aboard!
  6. Okay, I have discovered that when I put the car in neutral while coming to a stop it sometimes makes that noise, but when I apply pressure to the clutch pedal it stops. Even the slightest pressure makes it go away.
    It doesn't feel like the flywheel is warped and it doesn't happen every time. Maybe I need to have an adjustable clutch cable installed?