Close to $6K to spend.. Am i going the right route?

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  1. Well the time has finally come! In about 2-3 months i will be the proud owner of a 02 GT. I have some leftover money... THis is my idea's for mods, i hope im on the right road. My question for you guys are, is this a good route to go? Overall i really want to be able to put forged block and a blower on there in a few years.
    Anyway heres what i got so far...

    18" wheels (Cobra R, Chrome) $691
    + Tires 700 (Ballpark)
    $359 flowmater 2 chamber catback
    $422 BBK LT Headers
    $147 BBK offroad x Pipe
    $169 BBK Cold Air Intake
    $175 Pro 5.0 shifter
    $40 mustang bullet shift knob
    $250 eibach springs
    $500 cobra brakes
    $115 Misc. Parts
    $1500 03 cobra/front/rear bumper & Spoiler painted
    - - - -

    * Still have to consider installation
    * I still would like to scrape up some change for 4.10 gears and stage II cams
    * I also have a box of manley notched pistons sitting in my closet that i bought brand new from my best friend for $350. :nice:

    overall am i going the right route???

    thanks guys! :SNSign:
  2. GEARS,GEARS,GEARS first for some reason they seem to go last!Why,don't know.
  3. Ok well gears are obviously important! Im still in debate over 3.73 vs. 4.10's!! Theres not much of a mpg decrease difference betwee the two right? Ive talked to people who saym "yea i got 3.73's, but i wish i woulda went with 4.10's".. lol
  4. why piss your money away for small gains??? get a mongoose kit $3800 then gears, and maybe some rims, but please not the cobra r's everyone and their babys mama has those things!! i would get the 3.73's. i have 3.90's now and i wish i had got the 3.55's to start with. interstate driving sucks now! i have to downshift to 4th at 80mph! but just remember with all the bolt-ons you listed you will not gain even half the power you get from the S/C!!!
  5. SaleenGT2001 +10
  6. Get saleens, chrome cobra r's are played out, trust me I switched. Also get springs/shocks your stock suspension is going to wear out with new springs. Get Gears! Flowmaster blows, its just good classic sound with no good hp gain. Get a different catback :)
  7. skip the 02 GT, get a nice low mileage 2001 SVT Cobra....seriously
  8. yehh...your going the wrong route. I would get the paxton mongoose kit, gears, weld in some mufflers, longtubes, and a midpipe.
    EDIT: your going the wrong route unless you just want a fun car for the time being. but if you want something seriously quick then get blown. im blown...are you?
  9. yellow 98 cobra, Boss330 heads and cams with a full exhaust and 4.30s. put down mid 300's NA and have a badass ride.
  10. Just get a f'n Cobra... Damn...
  11. Get a cobra... but if you insist on a GT, then just go with the MPH Kenne Bell 1.7L Mongoose kit.. It's the best blower for a street car, skip the centri route (altho they're damn good blowers, just more for the track imo)

    Don't get a BBK X-pipe, they sound like total garbage.

    Use those pistons and get some rods to help back up a KB.. then you can make some serious power. Go with 3.73's, not 4.10's.
  12. If I could do it all again I would have started out with the blower...hands down. After all these years adding bolt-on's piece by piece, and nearly 100k on the odometer I still want the blower. It actually makes me sick to realize how much money I've spent on my car just to get low 13's...and from your wish list you'll probably net the same results. Do yourself a favor, SC the GT or use the 6k as a nice downpayment on an 03 Cobra.
  13. +1 for not getting the bbk x pipe.they do sound like garbage i know cause i have one. +1 also for the kb mongoose kit!
  14. +1 for the terminator! :nice: ...this is the first time ive come out of the 5.0 forums...haha
  15. Skip the small mods and blow that ****!!! Add the other stuff later if you must.
  16. blower, gears, and dyno tune.