Close to $6K to spend.. Am i going the right route?

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  1. Blower, gears, tune, and rest into MM suspension :nice:
  2. You didn't write big enough man....I'll fix it for you...

    KENNE BELL !!!
  3. Mongoose Vortech kit - $3800 + shipping
    Gears - $500 installed (roughly)
    UPR O/R X - $200
    Mangapacks - $400

    Thats how I would spend my $6K in mod money.
  4. I gotta go with the group on this one, but considering half your budget is on appearance mods, you probably don't have the same priorities. If it were me with 5k to spend, I'd do the rims/tires, mongoose kit, and the exhaust mods, and a tune. Still look good and have hella power too!

    Keep in mind with those springs, you might want to do some new shocks/struts too. Ditch the Pro5.0 shifter, get MGW....pass on the cold air intake....and most importantly of all, 500 bucks for Cobra brakes, your brakes will outpower the rest of your car, you don't have enough power to need those brakes, and your car doesn't handle well enough to need those brakes....just my 02. If your set on that list, I'd switch out the brakes for the cams or gears.
  5. I agree with the others. I've spent so much in small mods for appearance and N/A power.
    Do the blower first, then work around that or go Cobra.
    Everytime I start thinking about what to do next I check my supercharger fund and look online at used Cobra's. Seriously.
  6. where can you get these heads you speak of? Ive heard of Boss 330 racing, in Florida I think? Or at least some flow numbers to compare.

    oh yeah, guys: Every Mustang rim is played out! Cobra R's, Bullitts, Saleens, 03 Cobras etc......let him get what he wants, its his car :nice:
  7. scrap the CAI, cobra body effects and the xpipe for an h pipe with those flows

    flows are gonna sound like **** with an xpipe
  8. Yeah, Helty's got it right. EVERY Mustang rim is played out, b/c Mustangs are so damn popular. hey it's fine by me... I find rim choices to be regional. I hardly EVER see Cobra Rs around here, but if I go to San Jose there are lots of Cobra Rs, and if I go to San Diego there are way more Saleens and 03 Cobras.

    I like my stock GT rims. Yay for Bullitts. Hahaha.

  9. That's VERY VERY true.. Around my hometown, the most popular are Cobra R and Bullitt wheels.. I've got the only set of FR500's around (in my area) and I love it.. Even when I moved to a different area, i've still got the only set. IMHO, the FR500's are the least played out rims, but I could be WWAAYYYY wrong since it's just not played out in my area
  10. Helty, this is the first and last time I will probably say this to you, but YOU ARE WRONG.

    10th Anniversary Cobra Wheels

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  11. dont bother putting on the cobra body kit....just buy a damn 03 cobra that is already faster, has more potential, is already supercharged, and looks good b/c it already has that body kit and rims and tires.

  12. i knew someone was going to bring that one up. they may not be played out as much as the others, but they're still out there.

    my only point was telling someone not to get Cobra R's be they're
    played out" when you have saleens is hypocritical. Let the guy get what he wants. :nice:
  13. Whenever in doubt about 10th anniversary cobra wheels, leave it to me to bring it up! I was deemed (jokingly of course) the 10th Anniv Cobra Wheel salesman at one point in time! hahaha
  14. yeah its al pappito. You know, the guy with the nine second NA 5.4dohc cobra

    he also did the heads for JimsSVT, 10 second stock shortblock 97 or 98 [email protected]!
  15. Throw on a catback, get blown, add some gears, then buy better/wider tires and you're set. Hell, with 6K being your limit you still may have enough for mid-pipe & headers. With all that $$$ spent on your wishlist above, you'd still be slower than the average Stage 2 SRT-4 and stock LS1.
  16. Im not sure if i should go with a twin screw or a vortec!!!
  17. I'm a big fan of positive displacement, but a twin screw (KB) would cost a lot more. I'm sure you'll be happy with a Vortec.
  18. Whats the big difference between vortec and paxton? Any gains.. sending that much more money?
  19. On a stock motor, you're just paying more $$$ if you get a Paxton. On a built motor, the Novi 2000 has greater potential since it can run more boost. But chances are you're never going to have THAT much hp, plus both of Vortec's S and T trims can top 600rwhp.