Clunk In Rear When Shifting

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  1. I looked for a search button, couldn't find one so here goes, just have a 2014 base , 6 speed, when I engage the clutch, usually in first to second gear I'm hearing a clunk coming from the rear, it's done it from the start, is this a normal thing for the newer fords-- CHOP
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  5. Hello Choppertwo,

    I recommend you make an appointment with your dealer and have them check it out. Then, PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name, and best daytime number so I can escalate it to the customer service manager for your area if needed.

  6. Thank you, I will do that and get back to you __CHOP
  7. Great! I'll keep an eye out for your update.

  8. THX Deysha, I sent you a PM-- MIKE
  9. I don't have a PM from you, Choppertwo. Please check and try again.

  10. Hi, Sent you another one today with all the info you wanted, let me know if you received it otherwise I may have to call you THX--- Mike
  11. Didn't get it, Choppertwo. I sent you one, so just respond with the info to that one.

  12. Deysha, I sent you another, if that doesn't reach you send me you phone and I'll call you, seems like yours are getting to me, but mine are not-- CHOP
  13. You might have to check with the moderators, Choppertwo. I'm not sure why it's not allowing you to reply to my message.

  14. I won't send you my Vin on this site but will do this Keystone ford Chambersburg PA my appt is 1-7-14 their ph# is 1-717-264-5104
  15. This don't look like an undercarriage of a NEW CAR

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  16. Hey guys and girls, send me a pic of your rearend- differential , show me that it is painted and not all rusted, like it came from a junkyard--- CHOP
  17. I received your PM, Choppertwo. I sent you a response.

  18. The last PM i received from you was 12-20, and you have all the info you need, what do you think of the rusty axle housing, Does it look like a new car to you-- CHOP
  19. I responded back on 12/24/13, Choppertwo. I still need your full name, VIN, and best daytime number. Please PM it to me.

  20. Got your PM and responded- CHOP