"Clunk" sound in the suspension

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  1. The car has steeda ultralite springs and Dspec s/s.

    I'm getting a loud clunk whenever I hit a bump even a small one. It's loud, I can't tell if it's from the front or back. It started doing it about 2 months after installation, I had the installer re-torque everything and it still does it.

    Any ideas. This sound is getting a little old.
  2. I have the same problem and have had it for almost a year now. I have Eibach lowering springs, Tokiko Dspec s/s, and a BMR panhard rod. Its kinda like a very loud rattle whenever Im on any kind of unsmooth road and its comming from the rear. I cant figure out what is making the noise and I have had the car up on a rack and jiggled everything and nothing seems loose. I feel like selling the car, thats how bad it is. Does anyone know what this could be?
  3. You need to replace the upper strut bearing when installing new springs/struts
    This piece is a ONE TIME USE ONLY PART Call Steeda,BMR or check the ford
    service manual at your dealership. They will all tell you the same thing.
    The factory replacements I put in with my FRPP springs cost me only $17 each
    My car does not make any noise.
  4. hmm...I hope this is what my problem is. Where do I buy these?
  5. There is a TSB on that, should be able to get the new ones from Ford.
  6. Man, I wish I would have known that. How much trouble is it to replace?
  7. I Bought mine from the local dealership.
    To install them you need to take the front strut out of the
    car and have the spring compressed. This "bearing" is bassically
    what holds the spring compressed to the strut. Check out big cat's
    write up on the main page.
  8. Thanks:nice: