"clunk" sound when shifting

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  1. Does anyone else's transmission have a pronounced clunk to it when shifting at a low rpm? I've drove lots of 5spds and am a smooth shifter but I have never heard a transmission this loud. Maybe it's the clutch or the driveshaft, I don't know but it doesn't do it in the high rpm's. Maybe it's normal for this model but I don't like it. My 98 gt didn't make near as much racket when shifting.

    This and all the ticking coming from the motor really chaps my a$$. The car still has the drive out tag and less than 500 miles on it but makes more racket than an old farm truck. I just don't like these kinds of sounds on a brand new car.
  2. normal...:notnice:
  3. Yeah mine has the clunk to, i can hear it the most between 3-4 shift (at a normal RPM). Kinda sucks, but with my music turned up to a decent volume+my exhaust i really cant hear it. The thing that ticks me off is when it isn't smooth going into gear.
  4. All of the mustangs that I ahve had I will tell you that the T-3650 is one of the loudest tranny's that ford has produced. I had an 04 GT and I have a 06 GT with the 3650. They are good transmissions but they are loud. Just my 2 $ents.
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  6. O.K. cool, I can live with the sound it just bothered me that it might not have been normal. :)
  7. Hey blackballd if you would shift as quick as me, the tranny wouldn't be so loud! LOL :nice: Just kidding...maybe. LOL
  8. Damn, I didn't really notice it until I read this thread!!
  9. My T3650 does the same thing. It's unfortunately normal. At least it doesn't grind reverse like the T45 tranny does.
  10. Noise

    There is a bolt that stabilizes the rear of the linkage- look and see if it is tight-a sure sign is if the knob has some looseness up and down- let us know
  11. Hey firestang see ya at the track.......................:lol:
  12. :lol: If you have time to look as I'm pulling my plate reads AWSUM GT! :owned: Love ya bud! LOL Would you like me to post the link to you and your others website?????
    Back on topic... The 3650 is a noisy transmission, the clunk is here to stay!:bang:
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tremec. Just be glad you didn't get a T-45 (prior generations of Mustangs). :)
  14. OK...to verify. This is a noise that you all are hearing BEFORE you release the clutch? If so, I am getting this too. I can go from 1st to 2nd and back and forth at 5 miles an hour and it clunks. This is leaving the clutch disengaged. I just want to make sure I have the same issue so I can just ignore it.

    At a standstill, it is fine with engine running.
  15. I hear the clunk only while shifting from gear to gear. Sounds like the shifter to me. This car has the remote shifter design unlike previous models where the shifter mounted to the tranny only. Since the new cars have the remote design, the rear end of the shifter mounts to the top of the car's transmission tunnel sheet metal. I think since it mounts to the body, it's causing the noise.
  16. Do aftermarket shifters reduce that clunking noise made by the stock shifter?
  17. The clunk I am talking about is transmission noise. The shifter may help transmit the transmission noise through the body by the way it is mounted, but if it was the shifter itself, you would be able to hear it with the car at a standstill too.

    My clunk happens during a shift and sounds like gears coming to a halt, having some slack like a not so perfect meshing of gears or something. You can hear it on disengagement of the gear and engagement of the next. I thought maybe the clutch wasn't disengaging 100%. On my '95 I could always test this by going into reverse, as it had no synchro. Now that we have a reverse synchro, I am not sure how to do a good test for this. :( I guess if the transmission starts getting notchy and synchros start having problems in 10,000 miles, that is a good sign of bad clutch configuration.
  18. Mine doesn't have this problem. But I do believe that a Short shifter may help...
  19. Sounds like you may have another problem.
  20. Maybe. It's hard to describe these things sometimes. I really noticed it after putting in the BMR LCAs. It could be that I was listening for noises though. I'll throw the stock ones back in to see if there is any difference. If not, I guess I will test the local dealer. :scratch: