"clunk" sound when shifting

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  1. Sounds like a plan. Justin Burcham told me to never use aftermarket suspension parts without delrin bushings or you will have noise problems.
  2. Hey, let us know what happens.
  3. i heard that justing likes the HPM stuff, but is sponsored by metco, thats why he uses metco. :shrug:
  4. Will do. I was just reading some old threads on the all Ford Mustangs forum and quite a few people describe the problem I seem to have. If you go there and search "shift clunk" you will see a few. A couple of V6 threads match my problem closely. Also, it seems like it does it after I have driven a few miles. When I first start driving it, it doesn't seem to do it. Hmmmm...
  5. I drive trucks for a living. First one I drove had a 6-71 Detroit Diesel and a comparatively light duty Fuller Road Ranger 15 speed transmission. Shifted like butter. As the years have gone on, I've driven more Fuller's and all have been heavy and heavier duty transmissions to keep pace with the more and more powerful diesels trucks have been equiped with since I started back in 1977. And all have shifted harder than that 15 speed I first drove. It has to do with the way they're constructed to be able to handle the extra torque that they're built for. Probably the same for the 3650's. Or maybe not...................:shrug: The 35 year old Toploader 4 speed I have in my 89 Ranger shifts like butter too, but it can handle far more torque than the far newer 3650 in my 06 Stang.:nice:
  6. I re-installed the factory LCAs this morning and have been driving all day without any strange sounds. You can still hear a little something when you shift, but you have really have to listen for it. I would say it is back to where it was when it had 6 miles on the odometer. Now...why are the LCAs transmitting that noise?
  7. I have no idea. It seems like every time you put a part on for performance reasons it causes another problem. I think it's quiet now because the softer bushings are soaking up the shock.
  8. I added the Steeda adj 3rd link Saturday. It drastically reduced my wheel hop problem and added no new noises. I am knocking on wood though. Gotta give it a week or so of driving to test. :) No clunking as I still have the BMRs removed. Thought I would share.
  9. A lot of guys lubricate the bushings with grease, never seize, and all kinds of crap to eliminate noise from the harder compounds.

  10. I know this is an older thread but...

    I have been given a similar explanation. I have an AOD and if it shifts when I let off the gas-not under the load of acceleration-it clunks. If I leave it in OD it will clunk and "slam" into gear especially 2-3 and 3-od. If I leave it in D, it will be close to not noticable. This all came about at the time I had my tranny rebuilt with shift kit added and my rear upper and lower control arms replaced with the Mustang Unlimited kit with Poly bushings and my rear shocks were replaced with factory replacements.

    I thought it was a rear end issue so I had the backlash and ring-pinion rechecked 3 times over. All three shops (two that I have used many times and trust) feel that it is the hard shift reverberating through the driveline because the poly bushings do not have any give (like the rubber) and will not absorb any of the energy of the shift.

    I guess after reading above this could be true. I am at a loss --i have triple checked everything, replaced u-joints and axle bearings (probably unnecessarily). I thought about getting factory replacement c/a's and swithching the ones with the poly out--maybe that is it:(
  11. yeah, this seems to be pretty normal. when i'm on the clutch and go from 1st to 2nd. its only when just barely cruisin, and the car is usually cold. i can live with it though.
  12. Hi All,

    Just a thought really, I have on 03 GT vert at the moment (thinking of trading it up for a 08 GT/CS vert :D ) it has of course a 3650 and have had a few problems one of which was fix under a Ford TSB for bump and grind when shifting from 2-3 gear when cold.
    Also at low RPM it will bump or grind a little. It only started doing sometime after the TSB was done. I think because they had to replace a couple of syncro's and other bits that were out of spec and they also reduced the gearbox oil to half as part of the TSB.

    So in theory that would have carried throughout in new production models so the extra nosie might be from lack of oil.
    If you read through the 4.6 Tech thread you see a whole thread just about 3650 issues.

    Sorry for the going on but just trying to help.
  13. I basically sold my black GT because of this... that and the rear end whining. It was that annoying to me.
  14. it might be...

    This may sound stupid but I noticed the same noise on my 5 speed V6. The noise in my case is coming from the leather cover of the shifter. When the leather expands when shifting to top years 1st, 3rd and 5ft, but specially 3rd it makes a clap noise, like a bad speaker. Obviouslly nothing to worry about but it is annoying.

    bad design issue.
  15. This is exactly what and when I sense the clunk as well on my car. See my mods.
  16. Funny, I have a black GT too :)

    It has 2000 miles on it but when the transmission warms up it sounds like it has 60000 miles on it or more. It's fine when it's cold, maybe the occasional lurch, but when warm it seems to grab when I let the clutch out and seems a lot noisier.

    Time to go see the dealer I guess.

  17. My car did the same thing with less the 500mi on it and I took it to the dealer and they said its normal slack. Normal slack on a brand new car, sounds like :bs: but I have learned to deal with it. Figured and from reading its normal with this transmission. I was just thinking of adding some dynomat or something to keep the noise down, because its annoying in a parking lot. Almost seems like I can't drive a 5spd.
  18. Been a lurker for a while, but first time poster.

    Just wanted to add FWIW, my car does it too. I have an 06 GT.

    I have done ALOT of web surfing because of this issue, and found quite a few tidbits of info, but no real resolution.

    Although I *LOVE* my car, the transmission is definately one of the worst feeling I have ever driven, but so long as there is no long term damage being done, I have learned to live with it. Thankfully, once it has warmed up, the "clunking" goes away. It only seems to do it (for me at least) it a very narrow temperature range.

    Anyway, here is some info:

    Only applies to 01-04's, but I think its pretty obvious that the issue still exists-at least for some (not all of course) TR3650 owners:


    And here is one I posted in describing my issue in detail to a fellow member that was complaining of similar problems:


    I can't find anymore at the moment, but on page 4 of the Edmonds link I have provided a couple more links.

    Bottom line is, although I am sure they *all* don't have a problem (as there is no doubt the occasional poster that says they have never had any issues at all), it does appear to be "normal" in the fact that there are quite a few owners on the net with the same issue.

  19. it's a feature of the 5 speed being very notchy combined with a heavy rotating assembly and a two piece driveshaft. I hear lots of noise will go away if you swap the driveshaft for a lighter one piece unit and lighten up the flywheel.
  20. Well I started this thread nearly 2 years ago and I never notice the clunk anymore.

    haven't even thought about it since this thread came back.

    Now it'll probably start bothering me again, thanks a lot.:D