Drivetrain "clunk" When Letting Out Clutch

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  1. For the last year or so, I've been getting a clunk when I let out the clutch on my car. Well, sometimes.

    To break it down, here's what it does.

    - Clunks when I'm letting the clutch out
    - It has ONLY done it when I'm first leaving somewhere after the car has been parked a bit.
    - When it clunks, it will only do it one time. I can't make it happen again after it's done it unless I let it sit while at work or overnight.
    - It sounds like it's coming from the middle of the car maybe?
    - I've given the u-joints a good shake while under there for the last oil change, but there was no noticeable slop.
    - I tried to look under the car and have a friend move it, but it's been unsuccessful so far.
    - You feel the clunk more than hear it. However, sometimes it's audible.
    - It will not do it while just letting the clutch in and out while in neutral. It will only do it while taking off in gear. I've only tried in 1st and 2nd and I've had it do it in either (when it does it).
    - I've let the clutch out while in gear while I've held my foot on the brake to preload the drivetrain and I've had it make the noise. However, I cannot get it to reliably repeat the symptoms.

    Anyone got an idea of where to look here? Are there common areas? Motor mounts? U joints? Rear end? Trans? Clutch? Flywheel?

    I can't get it to repeat it reliably, and when it does it, it will only do it ONCE. I can kind of predict when it MIGHT do it, but even then, it just might not make the noise. 'Lil help?
  2. Bad bushing on one of the control arms possibly, causing the axle to rotate.

  3. I get a similar clunk sometimes. It's not really loud, nor does it shake the car. I've completely replaced my rear suspension with Factory 5 UCAs, Mega-Byte Jr LCAs, Griggs Racing springs and new Ford axle bushings. From what I can tell, I seem to have a bit of play in the differential 'cause I can rotate the driveshaft a bit by hand when the tranny is in neutral. Since the sound is rare and doesn't seem to be getting worse, I haven't worried about it much.
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