Clunking While Accelerating In 5th - 89 Gt

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  1. Hey guys, I need a couple ideas of what could be going on with my 89 GT right now . . .

    Bit of background - know it needs rack and pinion replacement for a leaking rack, steering is noisy and not its best right now. (gets better when I put a bit more fluid in, but not perfect and gets worse over time). I have had the car for 8 or 9 months, got it from a guy who seemed mostly honest but did not know a lot about what was going on with the car, and since then have had do have a few things done (replaced starter, battery and clutch cable quadrant) the vacuum hoses are leaking, and the clutch needs a bit of work.

    I noticed this morning that when it is in 5th and I give it some gas, I hear a regular sort of clicking or clunking, which seems to be proportional to the rev speed. It is not a loud sound, and the car is pretty loud, so it is a hard to hear, but I can hear it distinctly when I am accelerating in gear. If I take it out of gear and rev it, nothing, and I cannot tell if it happens in 3rd or 4th, but I did hear it in 2nd.

    Any ideas ? Next stop call Click and Clack ?
  2. What part of Md are you in? Sounds like it could be time for a rear end rebuild. May be some chipping of gears going on
  3. Near DC, I live in College Park, work in Rockville. You nearby ?

    I would prefer to avoid rebuilding anything, if possible.
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  11. Still hearing noises when I accelerate . . . Now distinct in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th, but not getting anything in 4th. Is more of a clicking than a clanking, really. Think I am going to try to put in my new rack and pinion today and see what happens after that - though I will be taking it in soon to get aligned and have a few things looked at.
  12. Did not get the rack and pinion in, but checked around, wondering if it is the valve lifters ? Other opinions welcome.
  13. Back in the day i had an ignition issue that manifested itself at low rpms under light throttle.
    When the car was in 5th gear at low rpm it would trailer hitch, felt like a little gap between the gears.
    Thought it was a rear or trans problem, turned out to be a burned wire.

    Lifters themselves are almost never the problem, regardless of situation.
  14. Took it to my mechanic, he listened to it and said it was the tranny - he said because it is not happening in 4th, when one of the shafts in the transmission is not engaged it was the transmission. Now I have to figure out whether to replace the transmission or the car - new car might cost more, but the transmission would probably cost as much as it is worth, maybe more, and could just be a money pit. Anybody have an extra transmission ?